Pictures from past days at Luskville Dragway, if you have one submit it and we will publish it. Make sure you tell us about the picture so we can let everyone know about the history of our track.

Tommy Orr of Shawville, Quebec just down the road from Luskville Dragway, started his racing career with this duster back in 1980, things are much faster for Tom these days.

Bill Gaw one of the original Drag Racers at Luskville Dragway and did his share of winning there as well. His memory is kept alive to this day with the Bill Gaw Memorial Event

Cantusci is one of the very original Luskville
Dragway competitors, seen here with his record holding 57 Chev Wagon. To this day Luskville is still Franks home track and can be seen there many weekends racing with his sons.

Gilles Daoust of Montreal was a regular back in the  80's and 90's when Super Gas racing was at its peak. Gilles went on to run a top alcohol Funny Car before a hockey injury forced his retirement from drag racing.

Randy Urslak started his drag racing career at Luskville Dragway in this Camaro owned by Bill Gaw, of Bills Competition Engines

Back in 1988 we would put on some very big shows, including a 14 car, run to win BB/FC show. Larry Dobbs and the Kardiac Kids where the big $5000 winner

This was one of this area's famous cars, Doug Miller (Fireball Performance Automatics) set all kinds of NHRA records with it as well as many wins.

One Canada's very best Super Stock Racers, Frank Cantusci seen here at the Molson Grand Nationals, a race this Luskville Dragway regular never missed.

Vic Miron was a first generation drag racer who had two sons go on to be drag racers as well as a grand son.

Danny Pantuso was a regular in the early days with this 1965 Wheelstanding Corvette.

Pete St. Aubin, like Larry Aslagsen and others was a main force back in the early days of drag racing at Luskville Dragway. Was part of a large group of racers from the Valley much like it is today.

Bill Nash, who was a mechanic at Parkway Chrysler was another successful drag racer with his six pack Road Runner, back in the late 60`s early 70`s , that called Luskville Dragway home.

Larry Aslagsen also drove this NHRA record holding
Vega locally and on the National Event level. Car was orginally built for Pro Stock by SRD of New Jersey.

This is a logo that was famous around Luskville
Dragway in the early days, And is talked about

every year on Randys Perf. Weekend