Pictures from past days at Luskville Dragway, if you have one submit it and we will publish it. Make sure you tell us about the picture so we can let everyone know about the history of our track.

Here is a pic of Arnie Malcolm's Super Gas Vega running Mike Bell at Esta Safety Park Dragway in NY, early 80's. The car would later be sold to the Late Steve Bond.

Glen Porter of North Bay was with out question one of the very first Northern Drag Racers to visit Luskville Dragway. Glen and his wife Carol are still very much with the sport to this day.

Dave & Pam Rennie where fixtures at Luskville Dragway through out the 80's and 90"s. Dave drove this Vega and then son's Steve and Dan got into Jr. Dragster Program.

George "Hollywood" Leblanc was a fixture through the early days of Luskville dragway.

Scott Paine and partner Ron Benger drove a very competitive Super Stocker in the early 80's, he too called Luskville Dragway home.

Bruno & Gino's Performance was the original speed shop and "The Bottiglia Bros" raced this Chevy for years @ LD

George Constantine from Montreal was a regular at Luskville Dragway in the early days with Cobra Jet Ford Mustang. George was killed in a boating accident taking a certain drag racing super star from our sport way, way to early.

This little Anglia is another one of the big name cars that started it all back when Luskville Dragway was born. Larry Aslagsen the Owner of West Carleton Automotive was the owner and driver of what back then was the most popular car to race at Luskville Dragway.

Bruce Mayne was part of the Luskville Dragway family back in the early eighties, Bruce was from Renfrew back then and was part of a large racing crew from the valley

George Giroux started racing back in 1968, he began with his street driven Chevelle, which gave way to this chevelle, then a Datsun 240Z Super Gas Car, and then a street roadster before he retired after driving a 1987 Trans AM

John Armstrong started out bracket racing with a mustang would go on to run this alcohol funny car for a while. Today John only see's drag racing from the grandstands

Larry Sinke was one of the first Pro Mods to ever run at Luskville Dragway, and too this day holds the track record