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Vars, Onatiro


BW rear engine dragster


Super Pro 

Best E.T.:

5:20 on the 1/8

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Quick Facts Terry Miron and his older brother Tim, who drives for ADM Motorsports both grew up around the sport of drag racing as their father Vic Miron drove a drag car for many years. Vic was a mechanic by trade and over the years owned more than one service centre, in fact when Vic owned V&R Service Center they used to sponsor drag cars driven back then by Arnie Malcolm. So it was only natural that Terry like his brother would become drag racers, and that tradition has continued as Terry's son Justin is one of the Jr. Dragster Competitors at Luskville Dragway. Miron's first stab at the sport was in a semi pro 67 Camaro, that progressed to a 69 Super Pro Camaro and then a hard tail S&W dragster. Last season saw the team switch to a new B&W Soft Tail digger which they campaign today. Terry works during the week for McCarthy Food Supply's but spends ever weekend during the summer at Luskville Dragway or where ever the circuit might take them.