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Roch Beaudoin


Roch Beaudoin


Corbeil , Ont.

Vehicle: 1968 Pontiac Firebird
Class: Semi Pro 
Best E.T.: 7:9
Pit Crew:

Nanci Teal

Sponsors: New Look Contracting

Quick Facts
Roch Beaudoin, owner and operator of New Look Contracting, is known as "Rosco".  He got his nickname from his friends in the 80's for driving like "The Dukes of Hazard."  Finally, in 2004 he purchased his new girlfriend - a 1968 Firebird.  He took her down to the frame and with the help of friends and experts, dropped a 383 Stroker in her and hit the drag ways in 2005.  The two did pretty good their first year, hitting a 7.9 at the last race in Luskville.  But, Rosco didn't like scrapping melted rubber from her after every race, so he decided to leave her for Sunday's and is building another.  Watch out this year.  Rosco is hooked and is currently working on a 1968 Camaro, with a small block Chevy 406.  This one won't be street legal.