Driver Profiles

Dan Allard

Name: Dan Allard
Home: Bonfield, Onario
Vehicle: 72 VEGA
Class: Semi Pro
Best E.T.: 5:80 1/8 Mile
Pit Crew:

 Joey & Lisa, Vic,
 Robbie, Randy & JP

Sponsors: Near North Waste Systems, Cartier Financial Partners, North Bay Signs & Decals

Quick Facts
Dan began racing in street class in 1998 with my '67' Chevy pick-up.  Out of enjoyment for the sport, and with the support of family and friends, I went on to build my '79' Chevy Malibu for the following season.  It's powered by a 350 small block topped off with a 750 Holly. The tranny is a 350 turbo with a 3500 stall.  It runs 410 gears with a spool. What a significant change from my pick-up!  I hope this sport continues to grow.  I look forward to racing for many years to come! And especially in my home town North Bay this 2003 season
These Days Dan competes on the Napa Tour with this little 1972 Vega and does so in the Super Pro Class.