$10,000 to win Sat
2018 Bracket Bonanza




Well folks banquet is coming fast and MANY have not got their tickets I would make you aware that price goes up as of Nov 1st. we can not wait until last minute to figure out how many are coming.

*The boys are back from down south so I think it is now safe to say the real off season is officially here for all. The experience the lads had was unforgettable, and even though its not a cheap venture its certainly a bucket list one for most. They have already started talking about next year, so who knows we all think about it, but for some of us we have done so much running the roads by the time our season in done, its hard to push another long road trip out of one. Some of the Montreal area racers who are a big part of Luskville's summer will be down south this coming weekend for a big dollar event, so we will have something else to watch and keep us hooked.

*One of the coolest things in this sport is when new blood comes into it, as it did again this past fall with the addition of Albert Jerome and his purchase of a Super Pro Camaro from Paolo Giust. It makes you remember the excitement that ran through your own blood when you first got involved, and its exciting to watch the excitement surrounding a new team. And this team is excited about 2018, they have already began preparation of turning the Camaro into their own. They did not take long to get right to work stripping the car of the bling, bling, which is now gone, gone. They have talked it up on Facebook very well and asked for opinions on colors which will be applied this off season. We all look forward to 2018 and the permanent  addition of Jerome Landscaping Racing to the Luskville Dragway family.

*WE have talked about a number of new rules for 2018-2019 but we thought we would go over them with you folks.
1. Recommendation (2018) of neck restraints for all super pro drivers and anyone going quicker than 135.
2. No glass bottles allowed anywhere on the property other than your motorhome or camper.
3.THE END of driving your race car around in the morning to warm it up, from hear on BANDed, so many times we have seen Jrs. line up for time shots and someone trying to drive down the return road the wrong way, IT ENDS. This is 2018 and it is time that some learned how to use a jack and jack stands.
4. All semi pro drivers must have at least a one layer racing jacket and a dial in board for 2018, this rule is valid for Luskville Dragway, and Super Tour.
*And last but not least this weekend it was brought to my attention the "Dragway Dog" was spotted in Vegas at the NHRA National Event there. Please tell me it isn't so, we never know where he's off too and we never know if he is going to return. AS the NHRA Pro Stock teams try everything to survive (and they have been thrown a life line by the looks of things). Special theme cars at Vegas was the story and Dragway Dog was part of one of those as you can see. We hope Dragway has a good time, but really hope he comes home next summer as well, his birthplace is Luskville Dragway. How can anyone ever forget his debuted way back when our banquets where at the Talisman Motorlodge.
I think Rob Graveline will be the first too tell you, he is a low buck racer, and puts every dime he has into the race car, and every dime he wins he puts back into the program. Rob told me that when he won one of the big dollar races he did this spring he splurged he bought new glass's and for the first time ever a brand new set of slicks. Rob and his lady Cheryl will be the first to tell you that Luskville Dragway is not just their home track, but its their cottage as well, as they don't ever miss a weekend of racing usually arriving on Thursday evenings and spending the next three days relaxing with friends, and drag racing, something that is definitely in Rob's blood. Rob who is most of the time a very low key guy was also pleased to have his son, come out to some of the races this season, and was there on winning weekends. The winning didn't start right off though, as it was well into June before this dominate Semi Pro Driver made his way to the winners circle for the first time, but it would not be the last. The following weekend would see Rob make it too the finals of the second Super Tour race, this one at Napierville, where he had to settle for second spot. He would not settle for second spot on July 1st has he would once again push the little Opel into the winners circle at Luskville Dragway. With most of July not seeing any regular shows at Luskville, Rob would have to wait until the Bracket Bonanza for his next chance to win. And the wait would be all worth while as not only would rob win the first race of the weekend but would put the icing on the cake by making it two in a row. A little bit of a dry spell would then take place with the next win not coming until Sept 9th. and that would be the last visit to the winners cirlce for "Copperhead Road". So I think it is safe to say that Rob not only had a good season, but did dominate the semi pro class, and will with out a question have a target on his back come 2018, however Im sure he can stand the heat.
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The company is owned and operated by Brett Smith and Kelly McCracken both who have not only a vast amount of experience in the graphic arts, but also are very much car lovers. Brett was one of the original employees at Luskville Dragway back in 1980, and has over the years made many pass's down the Luskville Dragway Quarter Mile. Brett and Kelly who have over the years worked in many other industries bring a ton of experience from both sides of the business fence when it comes to their new endeavor. Obviously they both can do you justice if you are from the motorsports side of things as this is their passion also.
Ok once again we are reminding everyone that banquet tickets go up in price if not purchased prior to Nov 1st. The sooner we know the total numbers the easier it is too plan for the big party, so if you have not done so get er done. If you have not booked a room by now there is a pretty good chance you wont get one as it is grey cup weekend and rooms will be at a premium.

*Yes the season is over, but the work is not as we have spend another full week at the track tearing down and building. We took the pit side grandstand completely apart and will be moving it too a better location which we hope will give our fans a better up close experience to our sport. This was a big job as the unit has been there for over 20 years, way back to  the days when we bought it from Sanair. This was done strictly by man power and there where times when I thought what the hell did I get into this for.  This will also give us more room in that area for parking and it will give the fan a UP CLOSE experience. We are still waiting for the contractor to do some excavation and prep work for more paving in the spring, and will keep you posted when that comes about as well. We have also been doing some ceramic tile floors in the new buildings that where build this past summer, so yes when the season is over the work is not.

day 1 and 2 was tear down

day 3 beginning of reassemble

day 4-5 completion of grandstand

*One of the new rules for Luskville Dragway in 2018 will also be the banning of glass contianers anywhere other than in or near your Motorhome. We will try very hard to inform everyone long before they get too the track, but after having to pic up a number of busted bottles this season enough is enough. The moving of the grand stand also played a part in this as it now sits totally on pavement.

*There is not question that many of us where glued to the live feed from the million this past weekend and that was made exciting because of a number of Canadians who where there and who did well. NO they did not win the million but then again neither did 698 other drivers, as unlike a football game there is only one winner in drag racing. Jamie Bridge, Jamie Tupper, Al Ray, Adam Bitzanis and Luskville Dragway's very own Kyle Jessup and Lewis Gagne were present front and center. After loosing in the first round Lewis Gagne used a buy back to mow his way through the ranks and make it too the pay out round of $1000. This along with the great showing the boys had he week prior at Huntsville should keep these two pumped up all Winter. I think we can softly say where Luskville Dragway or Tour racers go, no matter how many there is take on they do just fine. This would have been quite an experience, one i hope to check off my bucket list very soon.
There are many saying's that could be used for the start of this next write up, "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree", "he's a chip off the old block",  "like Father like Son". And this is pretty much the analogue when it comes to Landyn Urslak the youngest son of long time drag racer and many time event winner Randy Urslak. It is very quick to see that Landyn is one of those gifted drag racers and one can only figure that it comes in the genes. The young lad from Kemptville, Ontario is another one of those kids that grew up at the drag strip, as his Father Randy has been racing there since we took over, and has always supported the track in many ways including advertising dollars. Landyn has the look in his eye, and the desire to win and he brings with it a tremendous amount of the sport which can be seen when he is driving the line like one of his hero's Kyle Jessup. Womp, Womp. Landyn who turns 15 in May of 2018 is a grade 9 high school student who is also active in many other sports as well as drag racing. Quite often when someone is good at one sport they excel in others as well, and whether its golf, yep golf or basketball this young man is good at it all. As you can imagine, Landyn is eyeing the big dragster as well as he counts down the days of his remaining Jr. Dragster Years. Landyn was a dominate force right across the map when it comes to the Jr. Dragsters in 2017 winning big races where ever he went. This included wins at Luskville Dragway, I-Car where he was joined by Dad in winners circle, and Elliot Lake. So with out question Landyn had a great year, and fully plans on defending his title next year, as well as maybe making some practice runs in the big car. 
Lewis Gagne has been coming to Luskville Dragway for a number of years now, early on only once and a while, but these days Lewis and the whole North Bay gang is a big part of our every weekend race program. Lewis is not only a very successful drag racer but he is also a very successful business man with his company Lewis Gagne Trucking based out of North Bay. And 2018 will see Lewis Gagne Trucking as a Major Marketing Partner with Luskville Dragway and the Second weekend in Sept, the 8-9th. Besides the two days of Super Pro, Semi Pro and JRs. the weekend will also see the Outlaw Street Cars, the Ottawa Mustang Club and the Gatineau Nostalgia Super Cars Club. The Sunday portion of the weekend will also have the very popular Racers appreciation Breakfast which was a big hit last year. It was kind of cute the way it all came together as Lewis jokingly said, Hey I will sponsor the track next year,  "but we have to have bacon with our breakfast" only thing he wasn't kidding. So next years Racers Breakfast will have Bacon and Luskville Dragway will have a brand new Major Marketing Partner. Lewis who purchased a rear engine dragster about mid season this spring fast became a force to reckon with, and highlighted his summer by winning the $10,000. Napa Money Tour Race at Wawa. Not only are we extremely pleased to have Lewis Gagne Trucking's financial support at the track, but we are just as pleased to have Lewis, and his family there as often as they can.
We are pleased to announce that some lucky person will walk out of this years banquet with two tickets to an Ottawa Senators Hockey game, that will also include parking. John Chambers who is quite well known for his giving, has done it again, with the pair of tickets for one of the banquet goers. We may have more prizes to talk about as we draw closer, but this will certainly make someone very happy.
*The boys are in Huntsville, Alabama, and they have not been arrested yet, that's the good news, Kyle Jessup and Lewis Gagne headed south last Wednesday, were they met up with two more Canadians Adam Bitzanis and Jamie Bridge. All in all they had a good weekend with Lewis going 5 rounds on Saturday and Kyle getting down to 8 cars on Sunday. The boys  will head to Montgomery this week for the Million, where they will hook up with a couple more Canadians Al Ray and Jamie Tupper. A good start for the boys who knows maybe next weekend they will bring home the million.

*We are slowly putting Luskville Dragway to sleep for the winter, last week was spend taking down signs and cleaning up, this week will be spend doing some small projects that need to be finished up. Some contracting work will be done this fall as well, as we prepare for some more improvements for the spring of 2018. The place looks pretty bare when all the advertising signs are taken down, as you can see by this picture, the place really looks closed up for sure. Derek and Troy wrapped up the winter put away on Sunday even with the rain, by putting the score boards into storage for the winter as well. However we will keep working on things until its too cold or the snow flies, as it is much easier to do the work when your not under the gun to get ready for a race weekend. The plans we have for 2018 will once again make our track a much better place for all, and once again all we ask is support us and we will continue to grow.
Year two of the very successful Canadian Bracket Super tour, saw tremendous growth and new champions in all three class's, in a season where the weather man was often the bigger story. The tour which featured three tour stops in 2017 has been able to have entree numbers like no other tracks in the country, as it landed at Luskville Dragway, I-Car Dragway and Napierville Dragway. The competition is as good as it gets in Canadian Bracket Racing, in fact I personally feel that the very best bracket racers in Canada are the ones who compete on this tour and the Napa Auto Parts Tour. The points battles all boiled down until the last weekend, and in the case of the semi pro class it was so tight it wasn't until half way through the week after the last race, before the real champion was declared. However when all was said and done three champs where crowned, Fred Anger took the title away from Kyle Jessup who won year one, Dick Stanton of Perth Ontario wrestled it away from Fred MacDonald who won year one in Semi Pro and Naomi Laflamme took home for the Jr's title in a hard fought very tight series. Dick Stanton who we can safely say calls Luskville Dragway his home track and has been racing there since the very beginning, and even though he has not raced every year through out those years, Dick has been there a long long time. The Championship was and is with out a question a very popular one in the racing community and don't think there is a soul out there that doesn't feel that way. Dick clinched the title with a big win at Luskville Dragway taking home the day one semi pro title on a weekend when both races where run on one day. Fred Angers of Montreal along with his twin brother Frank have been a fixture at the local race tracks and have won as much as any race team out there. Fred and Frank are known for their good times, but don't kid yourself these are two of the very best super pro races in Canada. Naomi Laflamme is fairly new too the sport of Jr. Dragsters but caught on very quickly and was good enough to win the second year title over Landyn Urslak who did win the Luskville Dragway Championship. Plans are still in the working stages for 2018, but I think we can safely say that most would like to see the series to continue and even grow, stay tuned as we will be announcing things as they come together. The hopes are we can make it attractive enough for the Northern and Southern Ontario drivers to make a run at it.
As we told you as we neared the end of 2017, things where going well in the new advertising department and this week we bring you our second new partner for 2018. Jerome Landscaping of Gatineau has signed on to be a major backer for the new season, and actually got things rolling this fall with his support of the King of the Street Car Challenge, which was rained out and will be run the long weekend in May of 2018. Albert Jerome the owner and operator of Jerome Landscaping is a avid car guy who really got caught up in the sport of drag racing like so many of us do. He was part of a group that frequented the track for cruise nights and time trial days, but quickly got the bug big time and went out and purchased a full tilt race car for super pro action. Jerome bought the 67 Super Pro Camaro the Paolo and Shannon Giust and completely updated after buying it from ADM Motorsports. So Yes Albert has a good car and look for it to be very competitive very quickly. Jerome Landscaping can take care of any of your property maintenance whether it be big or small, so if you are in the need of this type of service remember to support those that support us. We are still working on the schedule for next year so the exact date for this advertisers day will be announced later on. Jerome is also very involved with the car show scene in the Gatineau/Aylmer area and will be promoting Luskville Dragway at these events. Jerome Landscaping joins Rudy's Performance Shop in Montreal as two of the new advertiser's so far announced, stay tuned for more.
Another season has come to a close and this one we all looked forward too, as the summer sucked, yes the month of Sept. was good to us once we got the long weekend in but other than that we never had much of a string of good weather at anytime during 2017. This past weekend was a good time and with the off season now into full swing the rumor mill and the announcement machine will go into high gear. Not being left out Luskville Dragway announced that improvements would continue in 2018, with a promise to fix and repair the shut down area past the quarter mile as well as the turn around area at the end of the track. Luskville Dragway has lead the way with improvements over the past few years, and after listening to racers and street car drivers we will move forward with more work. We make it very clear that all we ask is your continued support as we try hard to make Luskville Dragway a great place to race and a great place to be. We are also working on a second visit of the Canadian Bracket Super Tour series, making it that much more appealing to our Northern Friends who have made Luskville Dragway their home track. As we earlier announced there will be some hydro equipped personal pitting spots available in 2018.

*Julie Dube stopped by this past week too talk about her plans for the future, after a couple of seasons driving for Jim Barry of Arnprior. Julie is working hard at owning her own car for 2018 and beyond and we can tell you very clearly that we all want Julie at the track every weekend she can. She is more than a capable driver which she proved driving Barry's Street Roadster and her plans are to stay in a roadster if she can. When asked about a dragster she just kind of wiggled her nose and said NO. Speaking of Arnprior, rumor has it that Denis Black has purchased Tom Orr's Big Blower Motor out of Tommy's Top Dragster for his Altered, WOW, that will be some hand full for sure, best of luck to Denis. Tommy ran some pretty wicked numbers in a rear engine dragster, in a front motored altered it should be interesting.

*Next week we will start our Champions stories as we start the official off season portion of our web site, we will also be announcing new and renewed advertisers for 2018 and things are looking good in that department.

*One of the coolest things about Spooktacular is the costumes that some come up with, and this year was no different as this picture shows, and this was just one of many.
*Some drivers where packing up, borrowing bigger trailers and getting ready to head to Huntsville, Alabama and Montgomery, Alabama for some big dollar races. That included Kyle Jessup who will first have too fix the motor in his dragster after breaking it prior to the first round of elimination's. Kyle went on to win the race driving the borrowed ADM Motorsports, Corvette which backs up my claim that he can drive anything to the winners circle.


Its been the story of the season, rain, rain and more rain so it wasn't mush different as a great turnout of cars and teams from all over Quebec and Ontario gathered for the 3rd. Annual Octoberfast, Spooktacular. But like many weekends in this so called summer they were met with a bad forecast that partial came true. A lot of work goes into Spooktacular and a lot of people have to be thanked for getting involved. And when the weather man does not want too cooperate it is even more frustrating, as so much went into the weekend. But the rain did put a halt to racing on Saturday as far as the regular program for super, semi and Jr's. We did manage to get in a partial cruise night even tough it had to be run on 1/8 mile do too the fact that it was impossible to get down track dry enough. Special thanks has to go out to all those that participated in the pot luck dinner, and especially too Melissa and Phil VanNoppen for doing a incredible job with the deep fried Turkeys and Randy and Carrie Urslak for supplying all the birds. Then the party animals went at it until we hours of the morning.
The forecast for Sunday was not much better when everyone went to bed, and through the night it once again rained and rained hard making for another clean up to start the day. All I can say is the staff and the volunteers just never gave up and after three hours of drying, and spraying we where ready to go. So time trials did not get underway until 12 noon, with everyone getting two and semi pro getting three, and then it was off to eliminations. Eliminations moved a long very well and by late afternoon, champs in the Jr. Dragster class which had 10 cars this weekend would see two VanNoppen finish the season in a final. Grace VanNoppen would be younger brother Nate for the win. Semi Pro had a Ford touch to it as Russ Fraser in his 1965 Mustang would take on Wes Clarmo in his later year model Stang, with Clarmo taking the win light. Super Pro was quite a story as Kyle Jessup and Mike Ogilvie came to the line for the finals and the $2500. paycheck. Jessup who had broke the motor in his Dragster on his first time shot, would move into the drivers seat of the ADM Motorsport Corvette Roadster which was just sitting in a trailer as Derek Malcolm had decided to drive the dragster to finish the season. Jessup then set out to mow down the competition, including a number of big name dragster drivers including Mike in the finals. It was quite a way to end the season, and made for a an exciting end to the weekend which was plaqued by rotten weather like most of the summer. It was an exciting end to the day which had seen some incredible driving, and some great races. So we say good bye as far as racing stories go, but we will have a lot to say about other things as we move forward in the off season. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE.