$10,000 to win Sat
2018 Bracket Bonanza




Lots of talk last week about a Canadian Stock Car team that was held up at the US border when trying to cross to attend a race in the United States. Just more of the protectionism of the Donald Trump days, and if its as bad as it was for this team then a lot of Canadian DragRacing teams will be staying home. I know for myself if I'm ever hassled to cross into the US and spend my money there to help their economy I will STOP going in a second. I am certain this will never happen to US drivers who want to come up here to race, so COME ON DOWN (or up I guess). This may have just been a pissy border crossing guard, who had a fight with his wife before going to work, but if not it could affect racers heading across the border. Not sure if many of you would remember Canadian Frank Hawley who was driving the Nitro Funny car Chi Town Hustler, being arrested at the US Nationals for not having a work permit for the US. (ratted out by a competitor).
*Some of the other exciting news coming out of the 2017 Awards Banquet was the schedule for the 2018 Super Tour, which is fast becoming the largest attended races in Canada. And there was some extra special news for Luskville Dragway as the Bracket Bonanza weekend has been added as a Super Tour Date. This means that local racers will get two points races at Luskville Dragway Aug 3-4-5 and Sept 1-2, Two points races at Point Rouge tentatively set for June 2-3 and June 23-24, and the Season Finals at I-car at Mirabel Sept 21-22-23. We worked very hard to get one of the east races at Quebec City but available dates where a problem, but we will continue to strive for that to happen in the future. This will make for 8 points days, giving everyone a better chance at the points championships with more points up for grabs. Look for plenty of exciting news to come over the winter months as we work hard to make each and every one of these events SPECIAL.

*And speaking of Super , the July 1st. Semi Pro Challenge has created a whole lot of excitement and interest from all over and if this early excitement is any indication of what is going to happen LOOK OUT. Obviously we will have a Luskville Dragway Team as it is their home track, and the 8 elite will be based on points standings at the time , with a few exceptions. Sudbury and North Bay have been doing some shaking of the trees to get enough together for two teams and that is looking very good. Trevor Tandy is trying hard to spear head a Shannonville Team and says he has some committed already. But with out question the big news comes out of Quebec City this week, where they are talking TWO teams, and one being an all Mustang Team. (Martin-Iceman Lassiseraye, Eric Monaghan, Danny Morand, Frank Tank Béland, Martin Brideau, Martin Patry, Christian Lambert, Philippe Rousseau). This list of drivers is a group that has made an impact on the Super Tour, and will be a force when the Tour rolls into Red Bridge this summer. Look for the announcement of a second Quebec City area team in the weeks ahead.

*And too finish up this weekend we can tell you that there will be some special awards for the Busters Big Dog Shootout, such as a drum of Sunoco Racing Alcohol for one lucky racer. The winners will be drawn from all pre race committed drivers which we will be announcing all off season. This is really a no brainer as no money changes hands until the day of the race, you just have to let us know that your plans are to run the race. If you do that, and if you are there you will qualify for the extra prizes to be drawn prior to the race.
There is no question that one of the most special times of the racing season, is after the racing season itself is over, as everyone gathers to celebrate the past summers events, with the annual awards banquet and presentations. Each and every year now for 38 of them we have had the honor and privilege of doing just that, and like 2016 this season festivities took place at the Hampton Inn at the Airport in Ottawa. This year was made bigger as many of the Canadian Bracket Super Tour competitors where present to receive their awards as well as the regular Napa Tour and Luskville Series champs. A large number of Northern racers where also present, as where Robert and Terry Sanderson who were representing the Wawa Northern Nationals event which is part of the Napa Tour. And like most of the 2017 racing season the drivers and the teams where met with one thing they had become accustomed to for much of the 2017 racing season, yes it was rainy day.
The evening kicked off with a cocktail hour which was filled with race teams reuniting once again, with hugs, handshakes and stories. Yes this is where the official rumor season kicks into high gear, as you know drag racers usually have a story or two to tell their friends. Next in line was a great dinner that was capped with a dessert table that looked more like a picture from "King of Cakes|. A brief opening address was made by Arnie Malcolm who welcomed, thanked and congratulated everyone. The awards was kicked off with the annual Rookie of the Year awards that this year included a special award for "Rookie of the Year" on the Canadian Bracket Super Tour, which went to Ashley Muttart. Muttart in his first year lead the Semi Pro Points series for most of the year after winning the first race weekend at I-car. And even though he did not win the title he was one of the outstanding drivers who was new too the tour in 2017. Another Semi Pro Rookie of the year was then awarded, and this one was for Luskville Dragway where new comer Jake Gravel took home the title. The next Rookie of the year was someone who is no stranger too the winners circle, or the podium. Ashley Ogilvie who was Rookie of the year in her first year of Jr's, was announced as the 2017 Rookie of the year in Super Pro. Miss Ogilvie who had a stellar career in Jr's. has shown that it is only a matter of time before she does the same in Super Pro against all the veterans. This years theme was the color of money and the winner was Lewis Gagne of North Bay, Ontario who was the overwhelming choice by everyone.
Next of course was all the awards that where known to all, as they have been posted in the points standings since the end of the season. Champions that were present and awarded was two time Jr. Dragster points champion Landyn Urslak, First Time TDL WEST Semi Pro champion Rob Graveline, and 5 time Luskville Dragway  Super Pro Champion Derek Malcolm. Next was Napa Auto Parts tour semi pro title winner Dan Sproule, the first ever Northern Ontario points champ, and Kyle Jessup the Super Pro Napa Tour points champion. As we mentioned earlier three other champions where present as well, as Naomi Laflamme was announced as AC Towing Super Tour Jr. Dragster Champion, Dick Stanton as Super Tour Semi Pro Title holder and Fred Anger of Montreal who won the Super Tour Super Pro Title.
That being said the only award left for the night was the very sot after Driver of the Year Award, which over 38 years has some very significant names on it. MC Arnie Malcolm began the presentation by talking about three drivers who where much in the running, and that it took a long time to finally come to a decision on the winner. Drivers who where in contention where Mike Ogilvie, Derek Malcolm and Rob Graveline. The points of merit where spoken about for all three drivers, and then it was announced to a large round of applause, that Rob Graveline was your 2017 DRIVER OF THE YEAR

This years Jr. Dragster winners

Super Tour Rookie of the year
Ashley Muttart of North BAy

Luskville Dragway Super Pro
Champions looking good.

Super Pro Rookie of the year
Ashley Ogilvie of Jasper, Ont.

Semi Pro Rookie of the year was
Jake Gravelle, who was very happy

Some of the tour Semi Pro
Winners who were present

The Malcolm Carpentry Candy Bar
would make anyone who was not
there, green with envey.

Yes the tables where full of awards
as over $20,000 in prize money
and awards where presented

One of those recipients was Kyle
Jessup who captured the Napa
Auto Parts Tour S/P Championship
My opinion was that the lowering of the entree fee for the Big Dog Shootout would attract a lot more drivers than at any other time in the history of the event, and actions seem to confirm that is what is happening. Never before has there been this early of a entree push, as there has been since the announcement of the changes for 2018. This Week Mike Chenier has confirmed  he is not only in, but he like Derek Malcolm is in on both sides of the ladder for this NO BUY BACK race, that is held on the Friday of the Bracket Bonanza. Now you would think that every NO buy back whiner out there would be jumping on this ship, but that is not likely to happen, as it will be the stead fast, I can beat anyone drivers who ante up to the plate.
Mike is one of those racers, who loves to race, loves the competition and makes it quite clear the money is nice but there's more about drag racing than just winning. Chenier who will run his Speedy Auto Service Undercover Dragster on the open bodied side of things, will also have his wild Wally Stroupe, D&D Performance Powered Corvette on the door car side of things as well.  Mr. Mike is more than capable of winning from both sides of the ladder, and is no stranger too the winners circle at Luskville Dragway, and on the Napa Auto Parts Tour. Mike does of course own and operate Speedy Auto Service in Gatineau, Quebec which is a major advertiser at Luskville Dragway and has been from the day Mike began his racing career. Look for Mike Chenier to be a force to reckon with in the Big Dog Shootout and any other race he enters next season.
Countdown is over tomorrow Nov 20th for tickets for the Awards Banquet 2017, if you do not have your tickets you have until Monday to do so, so get er done. This years ceremony shaping up to be a big turnout as it will also feature a number of Canadian Bracket Super Tour Awards winners this year. We hope to have all the stories up next Sunday even if its late, as we wind down from the Saturday festivities, which is always a great time.
*Some big news for the Long Weekend in Sept 2018, first of all we have added a band to the mix for Saturday Night following the racing, and we have moved the weekend cruise night too Sunday NIGHT. That's right we will be running our cruise night on Sunday after the races. We have contracted the band Highway Sunrise, who play a mix of country rock and classic rock and are very popular around the Ottawa area.
*There is no doubt that the announcement last week of the Semi Pro Challenge has garnered a lot of response both from the Montreal and Quebec City Area as well as the North. We can almost assure everyone that the North Bay Team is already together, with lots of interest being shown. Shannonville had their banquet this past weekend so we are waiting to here from those folks. Quebec City probably showed the most enthusiasm as it pretty much took up 100 comments on the Facebook page dedicated to racing in Quebec City  www.facebook.com/groups/924998137608525/?fref=nf. They are actually talking about more than one team coming, in fact they are talking about a ALL MUSTANG team, wouldn't that be cool. However its November and we are a long way away from July 1st. so lets hope the excitement continues. 
*Speaking of special events, the Busters Big Dog Shootout is picking up steam earlier than any previous year, which we firmly believe is because of the new lower entree, and new format. Please help us keep the ball rolling and the excitement growing by adding your name to the list. As we have always done, we have made it great for door cars as well as we will run a split ladder down to the semi finals, unless we have an even number of entrees on each side then we will run it down too the finals before we combine. Get your name on the list, all pre entree's will qualify for a special draw to take place the day of the race, you can not be in the draw if your are not pre committed.
Writing a story on Kyle Jessup is almost as easy for me as talking about my son Derek or Troy, as Kyle is as much of what we do as anyone out there, and has been part of the Luskville Dragway Family for as long as one can remember. The Renfrew, Ontario native starting coming to the track with his Dad and his Mom when Carl was competing each and every weekend. He then moved on to a Jr. Dragster much like Troy and Derek, and just like the Boys Kyle was always part of helping out at Luskville Dragway. Once the Jr. Days where over Kyle staring driving for ADM Motorsports where he quickly made his mark and showed everyone that he would be a force to reckon with. This period of his racing career just solidified his association with Us, and also solidified his mark as a great driver. The next move was to compete in the family owned rear engine dragster which he drives to this day, a car that was purchased from ADM Motorsports, along with a second dragster that was only around for a while. These days Kyle drives the family dragster each and every weekend and every race they travel too on the Napa Tour and the Super Tour. But that being said he still does some wheeling for ADM Motorsports and anyone else who needs a car driven on any given day. Considered by all to be one of the very best Super Pro Racers out there, no matter what the vehicle is you put him in. This was made very clear when on the last day of the season, he jumped into the ADM Motorsports Corvette Roadster and promptly went on to put it in the winners circle, driving it for the first time ever. Kyle would be quick to point out that his drag racing career was made possible by his Dad, Carl someone he works with all week long operating the company Precision Concrete Finishing. Carl is at the races each and every time it is possible to do so, and has been a prominent figure at Luskville Dragway for many years now. Coming out of 2016 Kyle was the defending Super Tour Champ and was hoping to repeat on that, but even though he did not do that he did go on to win the Napa Money Tour in fine fashion. Kyle will be the first one to say, he wished he had visited the winners circle more times in 2017, but visit he did, and going more rounds than anyone else was all it took to claim the championship, something he is very accustomed to doing. 2018 will see little change for the Precision Concrete Racing Team as the reliable Undercover Car will get a freshen up and be ready to go for the new season. However don't be surprised if you don't see this young talented driver behind something else as well in 2018 as a number of rumors circulate of something in the works, STAY TUNED.
There is no question that there is a lot more enthusiasm surrounding the 2018 Busters Bar Big Dog Shootout than we have seen in a number of years, and I think it is safe to say the lowering of the entree fee has a big part to play in this. I think it is safe to say that 2018 will see a larger purse than 2017 as more drivers will take part in the first event of the Biggest Bracket Race in Canada. For many drivers coming in to Luskville Dragway, some for the first time in the season, and getting into a BIG entree race was really just rolling the dice as many had never even been down the track yet, so with the more realistic $200. entree fee we have seen more and more show interest. This week two former winners of the race, one who is the only driver to ever win the event twice, have their names added to the list, which has many already committed to it as well. Troy Davis driver of the blue ADM Motorsports Dragster will try to repeat what he did almost a decade ago, when he met and defeated Tom Orr in the finals of the second annual production of the Busters Big Dog Shootout. Troy Davis's teammate and the only driver to have won the event twice, Derek Malcolm will join Troy and Ralph as early entree's into what I believe will be the biggest ever numbers for this race. We can tell you that we already have other prizes that will be added to this race, which we will announce in the weeks ahead, that will much added value to the race. Derek who is coming of a 2017 season that saw him repeat as Napa Auto Parts Super Pro Track Champion, will be once again doing double duties as he will also run the Roadster on the door car side as well as the dragster on the open bodied side of the ladder. The new format has gotten all thumbs up, and as I said earlier, look for this years race to be one of the richest of all time.
Countdown is on for Awards Banquet 2017, and we still have many that have not got their tickets, please remember cut off date is Monday Nov 20th. NO TICKETS available after this date.

*Off season is in high gear for some, and for others the hunt is on for new cars for the 2018 season. Local engine shops have been over run with drag racers engines coming in for overhaul this winter. Please keep in mind if your in the market for engine work we only have two local engine shops that support local drag racing, WEST CARLETON AUTO and D&D PERFORMANCE, remember this when considering where you spend your money, spend it where they give back too your sport. And too all who benefit from the tremendous support we receive from our advertisers, don't forget too let them know.

*We hope to have the Canadian Bracket Super Tour Dates confirmed by Nov 25th. as we work hard to improve on last years schedule, and try to draw more drivers into what is certainly one of the best bracket Series in Canada. We can also confirm the dates for Elliot Lake and Wawa on the Napa Auto Parts Tour, Elliot Lake will be July 13-14-15 and will mark their 19th year. Wawa who will celebrate 7 years and will go the weekend after the Bracket Bonanza as usual August 10-11-12.
If anyone was with us in 1995 when we did our first airport race in Earlton, Ontario, and is still racing with us today, you will realize just how important this years championship run by Sudbury's Dan Sproule is. The difference in the quality and expertise of drivers from the North today, compared to 1995 is HUGE, to say the least. We knew it was only a matter of time, and we also predict this will not be the last championship run for a driver from the North. Lets face it, they have harder odds than anyone, as they don't get too race every weekend as the travelling distance is just way to far, no matter which way they go, east, south or west, most drag strips are well over 5 hours away, so running every weekend is out of the question. Now don't tell Dan Sproule that, as in 2016 he did everything he could to travel to Luskville Dragway or where ever the Napa Tour was each and every weekend, and was awarded the "Most Dedicated Drag Racer Award" to prove it. Dan who is self employed and hauls is many time winning S-10 behind a C Class motorhome with his wife Christine to all the events. 2016 saw Dan do very well both in the Luskville Dragway series as well as the Napa Auto Parts Series, but in 2017 he decided to put more concentration on the Napa Tour and well the outcome speaks for it self. Dan who ALWAYS double enters his race truck and is a very busy individual at any of the tracks we run at, and is quick to point out that Christine takes care of a lot, which allows him to double up.
Dan also proved something else, you don't need to go to the winners circle to win the championship, you just have too be at every event, and go rounds, the more the better. Dan and Christine will be great ambassadors for the sport of drag racing and the semi pro class, and for some reason I don't think this will be their last championship either, Congrats guys.
Ralph Coe, who was the first ever driver to win the Busters Big Dog Shootout way back in 2009 becomes the earliest entree ever, and also the first for the race in 2018. Although the car has under gone some changes since 2009, it was the same 1964 Dodge Polara that took him to the winners circle at the very first High Roller event back when door cars ran dragsters right from the get go. Today even though they are all running for the finals, the door cars and the dragsters do run on a different side of the ladder. The race which has taken on a little bit of a different look for 2018 is still the same game, race the best, and win all the money. Ralph who has represented the door car contingent very well where ever he has raced, stood tall in the winners circle back in 2009, and says he would like nothing better than to become the second driver to win the Busters Bar & Grill Big Dog  event twice. The race which is held on the Friday of the Bracket Bonanza is always a high light of the weekend, and draws spectators who come just for this portion of the show. The race will kick off with time trials at 12 pm, and eliminations starting at 4 pm. to be followed by the famous Atwill Service Centre Golf Cart Challenge. I would also like to point out and give a big thank you to Ralph Coe and his company Trillium Pavement Marking, as they are the ones who make Luskville Dragway look so good and colorful each and every year prior to the Bracket Bonanza.
Anyone that knows me, knows I don't go very far through a day where I don't have an idea about something that I personally think might be good for Luskville Dragway, or those that race there. Whether it be the door pro class, the door car challenge or the split ladder for Super Pro. We continually try things, some are great some are not so great and we move on. So with that as a back drop we are proposing a Big Dollar Weekend for Semi Pro drivers, with a Territorial Semi Pro 8 car team Challenge. This is just in the testing the waters stage but has gotten some good vibes from those that we have talked to about it. It would feature the very best foot brake racers in the country, including regulars on the Napa Tour and the Super Tour. First of all we are looking at the July 1st. weekend (Monday is a holiday) $2000 to win Semi Pro on Saturday, $1000. to win Semi Pro on Sunday and a Territorial 8 Car Team Challenge on Saturday afternoon, following the regular $2000. race.
The race would feature 8 car teams from different area's, Luskville Dragway, Shannonville, Montreal, North Bay, and Sudbury. There would be NO entree fee for this race, NO buy backs, the winner would earn $400. and the team that earns the most points would earn $800. The entree fee for the weekend would be $150. with $50. dollar buy backs for both Saturday and Sunday. How many times have we heard it said, the best foot brake racer in the country is ? well this would settle that once and for all,  well for one year at least.  As I said in the working stages, and the advertisers support hunt right now, but you know what usually happens. Your Thoughts are welcomed, this could be a cool deal that could grow even bigger.

Eric Corriveau is just one of many
great Montreal Semi Pro drivers.

With the likes of Hub Frappier towns
like Sudbury could be the surprise

North Bay will have no trouble
putting a winning team together.
Three weeks to go until banquet and still plenty have not got their tickets, cut off date is fast approaching so make sure if you plan on going you have your tickets. This years party starts the night before as many out of town people are arriving and much bench racing will take place, as well as plans for 2018.

*Mike & Vicki Ogilvie are full speed ahead on their new race shop located in Jasper, Ontario, and its going to be quite the shop to say the least. Located right beside Ogilvie Auto & Fleet, the new building is huge and will accommodate ALL of the drag racing equipment including the big rig that is used to haul race cars to the track. This will be as close to a Brownsville, Indiana race shop as any Canadian will ever get. It will also be a show case for many of Mikes past involvements in motorsports, look for a grand opening in late November or early December.

*Well another great winning car is leaving our area and heading down south to Tennessee as Jim Barry has sold his Brogie Roadster and is now on the look out for a rear engine dragster. Jim's roadster with Julie Dube behind the wheel was a force to reckon with when ever it showed up at the race track. Julie put the puppy in the winners circle a number of times including some $5000. grand races against some very tough competition. Jim hopes to return behind the wheel with a milder set up, and Julie is on the hunt for her own Roadster, something with front suspension. The Brogie's where really build as Super Gas Cars, too race on race tracks as smooth as glass. There Narrow, Short Wheelbase, torsion bar front suspension made them different than most other cars to drive and set up.
We first got to see this car when it showed up at one of our first ever North Bay Airport races owned by a driver from Thunder Bay, who sadly lost his life in a snowmobile accident, which brought both his dragster and his Brogie Roadster to the Luskville Dragway area. From a spectator point of view the car will be missed as it was a very exciting car to watch, especially the way Julie drove it with the wheels in the air on every pass.
*Not everyone locally done with racing as it seems, as a big crew of Canadian Bracket Super Tour drivers out of Montreal and Quebec City headed down to Darlington this week for the world series of drag racing. And they started things of with a bang as Jay Beaulieu took the $20,000. win on Wednesday Night, and the Angers Bros where right there as well, could have been a all Canadian Final. And the North continued its winning ways on Thursday as Joel Lapierre of Montreal won the $15,000. warm up race, I can only imagine the parting that went on once again. So with two races down the Canadian boys were 2 for 2. The boys could not their good fortunes on Friday even though some went a number of rounds ,so it was on too Saturday and the $100,000. race.

Jay Beaulieu started things off
with a $20,000. win Wed.

Joel Lapierre kept the streak going
with a $15,000. win on Thurs.

The Canadian Bracket Super Tour
logo was well represented down south
Almost 20 years ago, Derek Malcolm drove his first  big car, a small tire undercover car that we went on to purchase and Derek Competed in for a couple of years. The very first test run he made, with all of the drag strip looking on was a run that produced  a .500 light. This was with out question a sign of things to come, as since that day and many cars later Derek Malcolm continues to prove time and time again that he is one of he very best Super Pro drivers to ever come out of Luskville Dragway. And he proved it once again in 2017 as he added yet another title to his long list of accomplishments by claiming the Luskville Dragway Track Super Pro Championship and winning his 5th title in a row. This is a feat that NO other driver has ever done, and will probably be a long time before anyone ever does it again. Derek also finished a close 2nd. behind good friend Kyle Jessup in the Napa Auto Parts Super Pro Money Tour.  Making things different in 2017 was the fact that Derek accomplished this feat by using two totally different race cars. Most of the time he drove his many event winning Chrome/Works American Dragster, but on many occasions he competed in the newly acquired Corvette Roadster. Derek who owns his own business (Malcolm Carpentry & Construction)  is kept very busy during racing season as he is totally responsible for the set up and tear down of the timing systems no matter where we go. His expertise in this area was evident this past fall when he spent 12 hours repairing a timing system at I-car that was not working when we arrived. Many a time you will hear over the PA System for him or his protégée Troy Davis to come to the starting line or come to the tower, to deal with a timing system issue. No they don't have the luxury of just concentrating on their drag racing as they have the weight of making sure everything works for everyone else on their shoulders as well.
With two cars in the picture it took the first half of the season for Derek to get dialed in so to speak, but he hit his stride at the right time as the 37th Annual Bracket Bonanza rolled around where he would have a spectacular weekend to say the least. It started with a win over Mike Ogilvie on Friday for the Busters Big Dog Shootout, in the dragster. He then took the dragster all the way to the finals on Saturday only having to settle for runner up too USA based racer Frank Mark, once again in the dragster. Sunday would once again see Derek make his way to the finals, only this time in the Corvette Roadster where he would meet Brandon Barker from Belleville, Ontario for the title. Water dripping from the engine and getting under the rear tires would put an end to the thoughts of two wins in one weekend as Brandon would take the victory and Derek would have to settle for second best. The next big weekend would be the Sept 9-10 show where once again Derek would take a runner up in the Vette on Saturday and a win in the dragster on Sunday. Big wins and plenty of round wins would keep Derek well out in front of all comers, and this was done with one or more weekends of not running at all.. What is in store for 2018, well the Roadster is booked for a new paint scheme much more along the lines of ADM Colors, engines will be freshened at D&D Performance, and spring will come fast. The off season is a busy one for Derek as well as his two young girls are in gymnastics, swimming and dance so that keeps him and Taz running pretty much all the time.
As the work at the track has not stopped, the work on the 2018 schedule has also not stopped as we try very hard to make things better for the new season. As you can tell by the write ups, advertising sales has been going well and we hope that, that continues. We will be making some changes to the 38th addition of Canada's oldest, richest and best bracket race, the Bracket Bonanza which will be held on August 2-3-4-5/2018. Once again gates will open at 12 pm on Thursday for parking and pitting.

1. Ambush will be back and lets hope the weather man will cooperate this year so we can really find out what kind of a crowd we can put into the Bracket
Bonanza as we cross promote Drag Racing and Country Music. Even with the very bad weather last year, which hurt our car count drastically, we had the largest paying spectator crowd on Saturday, in the history of the track.
2. Super Pro will run for $10,000.
Sat. and $5000. Sun. The Big Dog Super Pro Shoot will be a 200. entree fee not $500. and will see door cars and open bodied cars only meet up in the semi's. Entree fee for Super pro for the weekend will be $400. with first Or second round buy backs of $200. and $100. respectively. we are also looking at a pre pay buy back for Saturday and Sunday of $200. non transferable and non refundable.
3. Semi Pro will run for $2000. and $2000. with a $100. Gamblers race on Friday. Entree Fee will be $200 for Semi Pro for the weekend with $50. buy backs first OR second round.
4. Steak bar-b-que, and event t-shirt will stay like past years.
5. Jrs. will pretty much stay the same as years past, Golf Cart Race will take place on Friday Night.
     2017             OCT.