$13,500 to win Sat
2017 Bracket Bonanza





COVER SHOT: Landyn Urslak will be part of the Jr. Dragster National Championship this weekend
You have often heard me talk about the evolution of drag racing, and how I have actually pointed out that up North where we do our Airport Races, is absolutely no better example of that. We started doing those races in 1995 and now in 2017 the racers who continue to impress and move up is staggering, and this week another one of those guys who got hooked did just that. Louis Gagne who in a very short time has become a very good racer will get a whole lot better with the purchase of a rear engine soft tail dragster. Louis has bought Roch Lafontaine's Ed Quay four link car turn key and will be ready in a very short time for competition. Louis has quickly put his name on the big dog shoot out for the Bracket Bonanza and after a few weekends in his pocket driving other dragsters this guy will be READY. Once again this is a perfect example of a guy who took his Camaro to an airport race, got the bug, and continues to move forward with his drag racing career.
*With the Para Performance Door Car Challenge only six days away, we have a new and very interesting entree, Dan Falardeau of Gatineau who is the current points leader in the 613 Outlaw Street Car Shootout is in. Dan has decided to take a stroll to the dark side with his race car apply called "THE MUTT" and will run in the richest door car race in Canada this coming weekend. The turbo charged Mutt will be a crowd pleaser and will be one of the faster door cars in what is shaping up to be a BIG DEAL. Dan is no stranger too Luskville Dragway which he has called home for many years now, starting out years ago in a fast sport compact. These days he is also getting his young daughter ready for her endeavors into Jr. Dragster racing.
*Well a couple of things happened this past weekend as we get closer too the month of July and the half way point in the season. Wes Clarmo was hard at digging soil and moving stone as the kids Basketball court was starting to take shape, hope to have it all up and running by the Bonanza first of August. This is a job that was taken on by the Jr. Dragster Moms and Dads and there was Tina Clarmo and Randy Bellefeuille right down there as well getting their hands dirty and blistered. We also got the first Wall of Fame picture hung at the track and that was of Diamond Jim Crownhart, who will never be forgotten at Luskville Dragway. We will be adding a few more pic's this season, and we can tell you for certainty that Mike Doyle will be the next to join Jim on the Wall. The weather man once again played havoc with Luskville Dragway this past weekend as the weather man continued to call for a terrible weather day with Rain , Thunder and Lighting, NOT and once again right at the track was good, but it did affect our turnout for the cruise night, as did other factors like Rock Fest in Gatineau, and St. Jean the Baptiste celebrations everywhere. Hopes are high that we can turn things around  as we have only raced four times at Luskville Dragway this year thanks to Mother Nature. We hope that everyone will get behind us for the next few weekends to get the excitement building as we head into the month of July.
The weather man has been brutal to us this spring and this past weekend was no different that most this season, as once again heading into Saturday and Sunday the forecast was enough to scare off even the most diehard car nut. Saturday called for showers, and thunder showers all day NOT, as it did Sunday but it too dawned with nothing but blue skies and bright sunshine. But when the man calls for rain it affects ever thing, anyone sitting on the fence usually stays sitting on the fence, and there is also those that only race when the forecast is perfect, and the skies out side are perfect. So the turnout was not what we had hoped for but by 10 am we where up and running. However even though we rushed and got into eliminations it was not too be as we had to call the race do too showers that looked like they may pass us by but did not. Later in the day the rain was pretty severe and once again even though we gave it our best shot Mother Nature for the fifth time this young summer won out. I want to thank all of those that showed up even though the weather was not giving us much chance, but when the sun is shinning and there is not a cloud in the sky racing should happen, this Sunday it did not. Those that where present and made it through first round will get the points they earned, as well as attendance points for those others as well.
When we kicked this Canadian Bracket Super Tour off the ground we hoped very much that it would do exactly what it is doing, attract a lot of drag racers, and attract them from all over the country. We had a good format in place with the Napa Auto Parts Tour, and along with the Angers and Jay Beaulieu things came together very nicely. I think that everyone will agree that the first year was great, and expectations where high for the second year, well they have not been disappointing. The hopes for any series is to have a points battle that goes right down too the wire, and right down too the wire it will go on the long weekend in Sept at Luskville Dragway. The top ten cars in all class's have a chance to win it all, and the leaders as we head into the weekend will come from all parts of the country. Super Pro leader Fred Anger who has been very hot on the tour is from Montreal and has one win in his pocket. Semi Pro leader Ashley Muttart who is a rookie at this type of thing hails from North Bay and he to has a win in his pocket to prove leading the pack was no fluke. Young Dylan Chatwood of Belleville is a third generation drag racer who has followed in Grandpa Johns, and Father Jason's foot steps and has the winning ways down pat. These three drivers will be under a great deal of pressure come the Labor Day weekend as there is many teams close behind all of these guys who would like nothing better than to come from behind that weekend. Everyone Should remember the great excitement last season when Fred MacDonald came from behind to take the Semi Pro Title on the last race day of the series.
Well the weather man has not been good too us this year that's for sure, picking up the Motorhome and Trailer at Luskville on Thursday before heading out for Super Tour race two, it was finally looking li the place was finally seeing some dryness setting in. The grass was cut EVERYWHERE, and that was the first time we had been able to do that this spring. Yes this spring has been very wet and this past Saturday was no different, the rain out makes four already this season, however keep in mind we had 8 rain outs last year in total.

*Door Car Challenge picks up three more commitments over the Napierville weekend as excitement grows for the July 1st. spectacular. Chris Collins of Ottawa, Tim Fearrey of Ottawa and Ashley Muttart of North Bay have all thrown their names in the hat for the richest door car race in Canada. Chris and Tim are regulars at the track each and every weekend, and Muttart has made Luskville Dragway his home track this season, and has already picked up a number of wins in his recently purchased Semi Pro Chevy 2. These three drivers will join a number of semi Pro teams that will run off on one side of the ladder, before merging with the Super Pro side of things. This brings our total door car count of committed drivers to close to 40 the magic number.
*The sport of drag racing can some times make us very complacent about its dangerous side, and every once in a while we are very quickly brought back to reality about the potential danger every time we strap into one of these car. That was brought to our attention very suddenly in the first round of door car on Sunday at our event at Napierville. Jacque Lelievre of Rimouski, Quebec in a street roadster was racing Troy Davis in the ADM Motorsports Corvette Roadster. We are still not clear what cause the chain of events to happen but Jacque's car went out of control at the finish line crossing from the right lane and crashing violently into the left lane wall. The impact sent the car airborne barely missing Davis who had got on the brakes hard and moved into his opposite lane. The reality of how close it was to both cars being involved was evident with the small scratches that were on the Vette. Jacques car continue the violent rolls before coming to a stand still between the return road and the wall. Medical staff were upon the scene immediately and 911 was dispatched with all force. Jacque has some serious injuries and will be laid up for some time, and I know that we all wish nothing but good thoughts and a very speedy recovery for a gentleman who is with out question one of the nicest individuals you will ever meet.
We arrived at Napierville late Thursday night and was greeted by what I would call a fall day on Friday morning with cold winds and wet skies, and a forecast that called for pretty much of that most of the day. This is the worst weather you can get when drivers are getting ready to head out on the road for a big money race, but last year saw rain on Friday evening as well, so hopes where high that Saturday and Sunday would turn out as good as last years weekend at Napierville. By mid morning however the rains had stopped, the winds where another story and even though this made the drying process much faster it did make for a very uncomfortable day to say the least. With the bad weather it was only normal that the race cars arriving was a slow process to start out the day, but by the evening things had picked up BIG TIME to say the least. The weather man did not give us anymore rain, but what he did do is keep the cloudy skies around, and winds that where great for drying but made it feel like October not June. But you know drag racers, always looking for a drag race, so a golf cart challenge was set up with Troy Davis taking home the money. By the time the gates had close we had surpassed the Super Pro Turnout for the 1st. and even after the gates where closed more drivers arrived to line up in the entrance way for Saturday Morning.
Saturday Morning dawned with lots of sunshine and a prediction of warm weather and only a slight chance of a shower, things looked good.
With racing getting underway right on time, and other than one oil down things went very smoothly at the track and it wasn't long before 60 Super Pro Cars had been whittled down to 2. Dale Gauthier the winner of the first race last year would meet and defeat Fred Angers in a dragster vs. Door car final. Dale was joined in the winners circle with wife Becky and Father in Law Al Ray who he had beat in the semi's to get a shot at the win. Semi Pro saw Claude Labelle take his blue Camaro all the way to the winners circle for his first big win on the Canadian Bracket Super Tour. The Jr. Dragster winner would also hail from the Belleville area like Gauthier, Dylan Chatwood, a third generation Chatwood Family drag racer would get his first win on the tour as well. As is usual a Gamblers race followed the regular stuff, and here Randy Urslak made it two for two this season with his $1500. win in this race, congrats to all of Saturdays winners.
Sunday was another warm sunny day to start things out and time trials got underway right on time at 9 am, there was the threat of a thunder storm early afternoon, so that was very much on our mind as we got things going. Sunday saw a number of new entree's come through the gate and that would make up for those that had to leave for different reasons, but numbers where about the same for both days. By the time the finals rolled around it was very clear that we would have all different winners on Sunday which is very good for out sport. Nate VanNoppen would represent Luskville Dragway in the finals and do it very well taking home his first win of the season in Jr. Dragster. Semi Pro would see Quebec's Alexandra Germaine take the win over Luskville's Rob Graveline who had a very good run on Sunday. Last years Tour Super Pro winner started the weekend off looking like it the dry spell would continue, but that all changed on Sunday when Luskville Dragway's regular Kyle Jessup would meet and defeat Serge Marineau of Montreal in a all dragster final. The lone semi finalist was Tim Quinton of Vermont after he beat Adam Bitzanis of Montreal and his Camaro in the quarters. Car count was better than our first race at I-Car and hopes are high that those that have not gotten ready yet will do so, so we can try and break last years car counts set at Luskville Dragway.

Was great too see the Akers Boys
back out with us at the race track

Claude Labelle Made it too the
winners circle on Saturday

The Quintin Family was out in
force for Saturdays action

Nate VanNoppen gave his dad a
very nice Fathers day gift.

Semi Pro car count was up nicely
from opening race at I-car

And no its not all about drag racing
at our events.
Last years Canada Day weekend turned out to be a very special weekend with many having a lot of fun and many taking home some very big money. And this years event is shaping up to be even bigger than last year, with the addition of the richest door car race in Canada, The Para Performance Door Car Challenge. This event will only be part of the Randy's, Bill Gaw Memorial Weekend which will also feature our National Jr. Dragster Championship, Two big days of racing, and one big surprise. The weekend has picked up endorsements from J&S Collision, BW Race Cars and Jordan Manufacturing, and will feature Big Dollar payouts both Saturday and Sunday. The Door Car Portion of the weekend will be the highlight for one door car driver for sure, with over 30 already committed the hopes are high that door cars will unite and take this thing well over the top. This is the second time we have tried this, and obviously we need it to work to try and make it an annual thing, 40 cars and up will do just that make it a success, fingers are crossed.
Have to tell you, don't know how many times we have mentioned this spring, the weather feels more like fall than summer. But not this weekend as soaring temperatures made everyone feel like we where finally feeling the affects of global warming. Lets hope this type of weather continues as we head down the road for our second Super Tour Event this Saturday and Sunday. Luskville Dragway will be open for testing and a cruise night Saturday night.
Check it out points races are posted and Semi Pro looks to be the one too watch as Patrick Alaire and Rai Pillwien are tied for the lead, with others knawing at them. This is the largest class for 2017 and looks like it will be a hard fought battle right down to the end.
Speaking of the summer the July 1st. big $5000. to win Door Car Challenge is fast approaching, and even though its been a while since anyone has added their name we are glad to see that someone did this week. Daryl Jensen a Luskville Dragway staunch supporter has added his name to the list of local Semi Pro Drivers willing to take a stab at being part of the richest door car race in the country. As we announced a while back the Semi Pro (foot brake cars) will race on one side of the ladder and the Super Pro (electronic cars) will race on the other side for the first two rounds. This along with the fact that we are going to only run Jrs. and Door Cars in the first half of the day, and then Semi Pro and Super Pro in the second half, gives EVERYONE a great set up for some relaxed racing. Daryl brings us much closer too that 40 car mark which is the goal.
One of the things you learn in this business is it never stops changing, and if you don't keep up on the changes in things you may not survive. Race tracks this day and age must work together as car numbers just are not what they where in the good old days so when more than one track in a area is running the car counts are just divided up and nobody wins. Drivers don't like running small numbers of car, fans don't like watching small numbers of cars and race track operators Certainly don't like to see small numbers of cars. So with that being said we where very pleased that 2 dozen semi pro cars showed up for the Napa Auto Parts Appreciation weekend, and even though the Super Pro numbers where not as good those that where there put on a great show. Day one of Jr's. saw Landyn Urslak keep up his winning ways by beating Julien Laporte in the finals, keeping Urslak's points lead going strong. Semi Pro would feature the kid from the North who has been kicking butt since he débuted his new ride this spring, Ashley Muttart would meet Rob Graveline in the finals with but would not keep the winning streak going as a red light start would give the win to Graveline. This would be Rob's first win of the season and would get him back on the winning track. Super Pro was a good news, good news final as Randy Bellefeuille would take on Mike Chenier in a all dragster final. This was the first final for Randy in about 2 years, but when all was said and done he would have to wait a little longer as the advantage off the line went to Chenier and that would parlay into a win light at the stripe.
Sunday and day two of the Napa Auto Parts Weekend saw more exciting racing taking place with about the same number of cars as day one, and like any promoter will tell you, never enough enough. With the temperature's soaring into the 30's everyone was pleased that things got under way early, and finish early.
The finals of Jr. Dragster would feature Olivia VanNoppen against Brody Bellefeuille, and here the win light would come on in Brody's lane even though Olivia had the better light. In the Semi Pro class which did have great turnout Claude Trudell backed  up his great opening weekend win with another one this time beating Mark Thompson in the finals. For Mark this was a great day as its been a while since he has been in the finals, so this will give that much added rush for the next outing. Super Pro came down to a battle of door car vs. dragster with surprise finalist Chris Dennique and the Gambler Racing Camaro going up against last years track champion Derek Malcolm. At the green it was the dragster with the better reaction time which was enough for Derek to take his first win of the season, and with it the points lead in the Napa Auto Parts Points chase.

No it was not the numbers we had hoped for as anticipation was high for the first ever Extreme Drag Bike event, but the show that those where present put on bodes well for the future. Todd Hope of Delhi, Ontario was the number one qualifier with a 5.00 but by the time the finals rolled around a number of other drives had caught up in the numbers department. However when the finals rolled around Hope did his job with power overtaken a slight advantage off the line with a faster run and the win. To say this was a fun day would be putting it mildly, as it was a great day even though we Hoped" for more bikes. The plans are already in play too do it all again next year, and the hopes are that more people will get involved, we have a lot of bikes each and every weekend so have a great base to work from. Just a added note, the bikes all stayed around for Sunday for the Bracket Program where Todd Hope came out and reset the track record with a first round 4.99 breakout loss to Brad Prong. That would open the door for Brad Prong who would go too the finals where he would meet and defeat Al Carron for the win and the cash that went with it. Hope to see all these guys and many more for next years Extreme Drag Bike Competiton #2.
This is one of the stories that I am getting tired of writing, and it doesn't get any easier either as once again we have to tell our drag racing family that we have lost another one. Rob Culliton of North Bay has passed away and once again the drag racing community and the Luskville Dragway Family has lost another person way to soon. Rob did not race every weekend but did try hard to make it too Luskville Dragway as much as he could and was also, always part of the Elliot Lake Napa Tour Events. RIP "Ramblin Man".
*With the weather man cooperating pretty good, we where able to have our largest cruise night of the season so far which was encouraging to say the least. You kind of got that feeling even before the cruise night rolled around as the turnout for the Outlaw Race was very good, and a number of time trial cars where on hand during the afternoon as well. This is a good sign and we hope it continues, it has been a weird start to 2017, with the weatherman not helping us out very much most of the time, lets hope mother nature is done making our lives miserable, and this past Saturday indicated that.
*And speaking of the weather man, she did it again on Sunday as racing was cancelled because of rain, and the forecast for showers most of the day. Cancelling when the rain is not falling is hard to do, and in the old days you never did it, but you didn't have radar and internet forecasts to look at like we do to day. We do not cancel with out putting a lot of thought into it, and taking everything into consideration. So even though some might think its the wrong thing to do until its pouring, if we can save anyone the wasted trip, and all the wasted time we try and do the right thing. Now showers did not come at 10 like they said, they did come and we would not have gotten anything in.
*Now we turn our attentions to this coming weekend and the Napa Auto Parts Customer Appreciation weekend, where the gates will be open Friday for parking and camping. A full day of racing including a big dollar Drag Bike Shootout, featuring some of the fastest bikes in the country, and we are talking big time drag bikes this time around folks, including some locals.
*And finally this week we congratulate Gabriel Jensen who will be behind the wheel of his Dad, Darryl's Semi Pro Chevelle this upcoming Napa Auto Parts Weekend. Gabriel was at the track with Darryl and Joan making a number of practice runs, and as you can tell by this shot he was doing a very good job. Darryl's son has been around the track for many years now and I'm sure is pretty excited about jumping into the family race car, and unlike many he did not experience the Jr. Dragster days that many of the graduates to the big cars have. The red Chevy was pulling the wheels on every pass and even a perfect light on one of the test shots was another sign this Kid is ready.
How do you measure success of a first time event, how many cars showed up, how much fun did people have and how good the racing was, well this past Saturday saw all three. As the MF Chassis Works Outlaw Street Car Series got of the ground with great weather, a great turnout of cars "for the first race" great racing and by all accounts a great time was had by all. And for one long time Luskville Dragway regular Dan Falardeau of Gatineau, Quebec the day was fitting as he went all the way to the finals with his green "Mutt" and scored the first win of the season. Danny started racing at Luskville Dragway years ago, but has not been around for a number of years as he worked on other things, sorted out a new combination. So even though this was not his first trip back lately it was a memorable one for sure. With almost twenty cars taking part in the first ever 613/819 Shoot out I certain everyone was happy with the numbers after all Rome was not build in a day and this is new to our track. Another outstanding performance was also put forth by Cornwall's Robin Laframboise as he made his way to the runner up spot in the inaugural event.

For Jim Hewitt, Fred Angers and Dylan Chatwood the next race on the Canadian Bracket Super Tour can't come fast enough. All three of these competitors had incredible days at the first event at I-Car at the end of may and all three lead their respective class's of Semi Pro, Super Pro and Jr. Dragster. The promoters and directors of the Canadian Bracket Super Tour will be the first too admit that they are hoping for many more cars at the second race than at the first race. Both Jim Hewitt and Fred Angers made it too the winners circle on Saturday to give them a quick start in the points series. Dylan on the other hand even though he did not make it to the winners circle, did have a great weekend going live most of the time. The car count was not what we expected and we make no bones about that, this is the best bracket racing series in CANADA, and if just the points members all showed up, we would be well ahead of the first events turn out? There is a couple of good sayings that we use many times, Support those that support you, and Use it or Loose it!
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