$10,000 to win Sat
2018 Bracket Bonanza



With Christmas but one week away this will be our last web update until January 7th. as we give everybody including ourselves a break for the Christmas Holidays. And even though it may look like we are taking time away from the drag racing, it is never far from our thoughts or our plans. That being said I can honestly say this is my favorite time of year, even though I think we have a very close family year round, it is never as close as it is at this time of year. Everyone comes over to our house on Christmas Day and the past practice has been that everyone (including our four wonderful Grandkids) stays over night on Christmas Day. The lady's have their own tradition also, the three of them go shopping on Boxing day, us guys cant figure that out but its their deal. Growing up this was a special time of the year as well, and I'm sure it is for many of you that we know, as well. I often wonder what it must be like for someone that has no one, as being with people that mean so much to you at this time of year has no words to describe how great it feels. And that is much like what the feeling it is too have so many of you as friends and acquaintances at the race track. Even though it is on a different level the dinners, the parties, the get together's around the camp fire is much like what we do at Christmas even though on a different scale. For Diane and I, we firmly realize how lucky we are to have such a great immediate family, but also how lucky we are to have the racing family that we do as well. So to all of you, I hope your Christmas is a wonderful as I know ours will be, and to each and everyone of you, MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR, from all of the Malcolm's to all of you.

*Keeping with good news stories this last publish before Christmas we are pleased to announce not one but three new drivers who will run the entire Napa Auto Parts Money Tour in 2018. Jody & Ray Renaud of Wawa, Ontario have been working towards this move for a number of years now, and next season will see that dream come true. A couple who have been involved with the sport since it first came to Wawa have played a big part in the Northern races, as well as making a few trips to other tracks. The team believes they are now in a good position to take a shot at the series and will head out on that venture this coming summer. Jody will continue to run the S-10 in Semi Pro and will be joined by Step Daughter and former Jr. driver Keely in the recently purchased Camaro. The third driving member Josh will compete in the Jr. Dragster class, with that series information coming soon in the new year. The fourth member of the team and Team Leader Ray will also be doing some driving, but that will be restricted to the Motorhome and getting the race cars to the venues. Ray has given up his driving desires for 2018 in order that his daughter who has out grown the Jr. Class can do so, and will concentrate on crew chief duties for 2018. This is a great addition too the series and is some of the earliest commitments in recent memory, which hopefully is a sign of what the new season has in store for everyone.
With the announcement a few weeks ago of the confirmation by the city council of Elliott Lake that the 2018 North Shore Challenge would go forward the excitement is already building and thoughts of 2019 cross our minds. For close to two decades the folks of Elliot Lake have what many call Christmas in July to their town. With the hopes of reaching 20, we still have to work real hard to make this event the huge success it has always been, but the vote of confidence by the officials should make everyone very, very happy. Started back in 1999 the year 2019 will mark the 20 anniversary of this very special event that has taken place in the middle of July for all of these years. I can only imagine what will take place that year. This race is also the kick off event for the long standing Bracket Racing Series the Napa Auto Parts Show Me the Money Tour, the longest running series in Canada.
I still remember as if it was yesterday, my first trip ever to Elliot Lake in the fall of 1998, to meet with people like Bruno Serre, Jack Bourget and William Elliott, people that too this day play a big part in the continuation and the success of this race. Our first trip to Elliott Lake was a very special one, and too this day it is a road trip that we all anxiously wait for each and every year, as this is a very special weekend for all of us that travel the Napa Auto Parts Tour. From its very first year to this day, to watch how the city, the city employee's, the business's and the people of this incredibly beautiful City welcome the racing community is quite simply amazing. The memories and the traditions are etched in stone, whether it be something as simple as the ADM Teams annual pool hall trip, to the annual staff dinner at the Fireside, and the list goes on and on, and that is before you even reach the race track. The race track has created so many memories as well for race teams, who would have known that way back when Jamie Tupper would win his first big dollar race at Elliott Lake, in a Buick Door Car, that he would go on to be one of the winningest and greatest Bracket Racers of all time in Canada. Or how about the year the small fair with Farris Wheels where part of the race, the view from the starting line with the rides going on was something I personally will never forget and for me is the one thing I remember with great fondness. So as we look down the road to July 13-14-15 and even further down the road to the 20th Annual in 2019, I think that anyone and everyone who has ever been part of this event will rejoice, and for anyone that has never been, please make plans to be part of Drag Racing History in Canada.
The event which attracts drivers from all over Ontario, Quebec and the US. has also always prided itself on its booked in show cars, and that will be the case this season as Neale Armstrong and the Northern Warrior Jet Dragster will be part of the show. Add this to HUGE Super Pro, Semi Pro, Sled/Bike purses, $1000. to win King of the Streets and you get the picture its going to be BIG.
When we talk about Christmas in August you have to put the Provost Northern Nationals on that list as it heads into its 7th year of operations. Started in 2012, no one at that time could even imagine how successful this furthest North Event on the Napa Tour would be and how much excitement it would generate not just in Wawa, but much of the far North as well. The event which was spear headed in the beginning by the Late Lori Johnston who passed away this past year, will always be a reminder of someone who loved her community, and would do anything to make it better. Lori believed doing the unthinkable (at the time) was good for the community, and looking at how the town rallies around this event each and every year proves she was right. The race in 2018 will be the third stop on the Money Tour and will go on the weekend of August 10-11-12. This time of year is a hectic time to say the least as we do the Elliot Lake the first stop on the Money Tour, then the Bracket Bonanza at Luskville Dragway which is the weekend before Wawa. But once your on the road and driving down the road and enjoying the beautiful scenery that the North displays the hustle and bustle soon leaves your thoughts. Driving up highway 17 around Lake Superior is quite outstanding and makes you fully realize how incredible our country really is. Like we have said the welcome that everyone from out of town receives from the locals is something else that is quite outstanding and is part of the reason that so many of us travel to Wawa in August. The first few years of the event a band was a big part of Saturday Night at the track, there is talk of that making a return in 2018 as well as a few other items we will keep you posted on over the off season. Some of the mainstays of the past few years will continue as well, with Jet Cars and fireworks making for the Night of Fire Friday Night. But with out a question, Elliot Lake in July and Wawa in August is the best example of Christmas in the North in the Summer.
Kyle Jessup is no stranger too the winners circle, and is not a stranger to going rounds against the best in the business, and like every racer he wants all the wins he can get.  And one of the few wins he has managed not to take is that of the Busters Big Dog Shootout, but he plans on changing that in 2018. When I asked Kyle what he would like for Christmas he quickly replied to win the Bonanza and the Big Dog Shootout. Kyle who is one of the boys in my books, has been part of what we do for a long time now and hopefully will be for many, many years to come. A young man who can drive anything, and loves to get the chance to do just that anytime it comes up.
Kyle who now owns his own home in Renfrew, Ontario with companion Meagan continues to work for his Dad Carl at Precision Concrete Finishing. Kyle also had his first taste of Big Time US racing this past season as he took in a couple down south including the Million. This trip only gave Kyle the desire to try it again and will do so again this spring when he and a group of other locals will head to Michigan for a HUGE big dollar weekend.
Ogilvie Motorsports new home is well underway as can be seen by this picture which was captured a week ago, so in all honesty its further along that what this picture shows. This state of the art facility will be as close to what goes on in Brownsville Indiana where most of the NHRA Team shops are as we will ever get. The front which you can clearly see will be all stone and glass, and the shop will house the entire Ogilvie Motorsports Race Team, as well as many of Mikes earlier years toys. They had hoped for a grand opening in Dec but that may have to be delayed until January, but plans are for one when ever possible. To say its been a busy place around Ogilvie's would be putting it very, very mildly.

*New racers are always anxious to get things ready, and new Super Pro Racer Albert Jerome is a good example of that, as he and his lady Rachel Carriere Larose have been hard at work taking the engine out of their Camaro. Joining the Luskville Dragway family latter part of 2017 after purchasing the Camaro from Paolo and Shannon Giust. Albert and team Jerome Landscaping plan on a all out assault on the Super Pro Championship at Luskville Dragway in 2018.

*If you follow this site closely then you probably know that we have already booked the 2018 Banquet Dates as we like to get things done early. Mark Nov. 10th on your Calendar as will be heading back to the Hilton at the Airport for our year end festivities. This gets us further away from the Christmas party season, and should give those that travel a shot a good weather.

*We did not announce anymore Busters Big Dog Shootout entree's this week, and this was not because we didn't have any, as we have a LOOOOONG list of entree's. But the truth of the matter is they are all opened bodied cars and not many from the door side.  We Firmly believe that this event will be one of the best big dog races ever, and believe it has the potential of being one of the biggest payouts ever. But would be lying if I didn't say i was a little surprised and disappointed at the door car side. Hopefully that will pick up as this race will see the door car side and the dragster side race separately until the finals. The race will be conducted during the daylight hours on Friday, and all drivers who commit during the off season qualify for the pre race draws which as of now includes a barrel of Sunoco Racing Alcohol. Come on door car teams don't let us down as we continue to do as much as we can for this class.
You have heard me many times the talk about Luskville Dragway and its family like atmosphere, there is no question about what makes that happen at the small NHRA drag strip located just outside Ottawa, Ontario. It is my personal opinion that the large group of racing families that call Luskville Dragway their summer cottage is very much the reason. One such family is the Mike and Vicky Ogilvie Family from Jasper, Ontario who along with daughters Rachel and Ashley play a BIG part in that atmosphere we are so proud of. And the family aspect continues with Mike and Vicky as they own and operate Ogilvie Auto and Fleet as a family as well. The business which on the quietest of days is much louder that any of its counter parts in the big city keeps Mike and Vicky running off their feet to keep things under control. In the racing season, Long days of running the business are usually followed well into the evening getting FOUR Super Pro Dragsters ready competition at Luskville Dragway or somewhere on the Napa Auto Parts Tour on the weekend.
Ogilvie Auto and Fleet is a Napa AutoPro Service Centre which means they offer a wide range of vehicle maintenance and car repair services that help prolong the life of any car or truck. Ogilvie Auto and Fleet can also take care of your heavy truck or motorhome repairs as well, and does so for many of the racers from Luskville Dragway who require this type of service. The shop which employees a dozen full time employees is well known for its methodical work ethic, which is shown on each and every job that comes through the doors.
The work ethic and the hustle and bustle you see every day at Ogilvie Auto Fleet is much like what you see each and every race day as Mike, Vicki, Rachel and Ashley scurry to ready 4 Super Pro Dragsters for competition. Making things right at the racetrack has shown dividends as more than one Ogilvie has had a win. And a win is what you get when you get your  regular automotive repairs and service done at Ogilvie Auto & Fleet, in Jasper, Ontario. Once again in 2018 as they have done since they joined the Luskville Dragway many years ago, Ogilvie Auto and Fleet will be a major advertiser at the race track. As they did in 2017 Ogilvie Auto & Fleet will hold presenters rights to the very prestigious Bracket Bonanza held Aug. 2-3-4-5/2018.

Mike Ogilvie is one of the busiest
guys you will ever meet, whether
 running his race car or running
his business in Jasper, Ontario

They say behind every successful
man is a great lady, but Vicki would
like to point out that she prefers
not too behind at the race track

Rachel Ogilvie was a winner in
the Jr. Dragster Class, But her
University Schedule limited's her
opportunities in the big car now.
After a very discouraging amount of support for the Super Pro Door Car Challenge last July 1st weekend it was decided we would try something different in 2018. And it was also decided to do something special for the Semi Pro racers, who had in fact supported the Door Car Race in record numbers, which was the only reason the event was not a total disaster. Yes even though most of the semi pro teams knew they would have their hands full with the delay box, trans brake equipped cars they still supported the track and bought into the race. So what was decided was a Semi Pro Challenge with other area's, after all North Bay on some weekends had close to eight cars which was what we where looking at too make up a team. So it was proposed to all the area's we have a relationship with, North Bay, Sudbury, Shannonville, Montreal and Quebec City, and the response has been overwhelming to say the least. Right off the bat, North Bay put forward a team, which included Tour Champs and drivers who know how to win. Next too get on board was an all Mustang Team from Quebec City featuring Track Champs and drivers who compete on the Canadian Bracket Super Tour. And now this week a second team (Team GM) from the Quebec City area, where by the way the Super Tour will touch down for the first time ever in 2018. Leading the team is  Yvon Chabot who will bring his GM powered GTO to the party along with 7 others representing Team GM Quebec City. The team comes with some very strong runners, drivers like Daniel Blouin who has been a regular on the Super Tour as has Sheila Genest and her wheel standing Chevelle. Rounding out TEAM GM QUEBEC is Mario Breton, Johanne Denis Racine, Stephan Veillette, Stephan Cantin and Carl Provencal.
There was some very exciting news coming out of the awards banquet two weeks ago,  surrounding Luskville Dragway and the Bracket Bonanza for 2018. With the event becoming a Canadian Bracket Super Tour event it means that many drivers will benefit from a triple points race, much like the Fall Bracket Nationals has been for the past two years. The race too be held the August long weekend will now be a points race for the Napa Auto Parts Tour, The Canadian Bracket Super Tour, and the regular Luskville Dragway points chase. We fully expect many more cars to take part in what is and always has been the biggest and best big dollar bracket race in Canada. The event which will take place on August  2-3-4-5/2018 will feature many of the things that has made it such a great weekend, Free T-shirt with each entree, Big Dollar Payouts, Buster Big Dog Shootout, The Band Ambush, Jet Cars, Fireworks, Steak dinner for all drivers and crew members and of course some of the best bracket racing anywhere in the country. So mark those dates on your calendar as a must be there weekend, Luskville Dragway and the 38th. Bracket Bonanza.

*We are putting this out there, we are looking for a title rights sponsor for the Jr. Dragster Class, for the Napa Auto Parts Tour? This would be the series that starts out in Elliot Lake in July, Luskville Dragway and Wawa in August and Luskville Dragway and I car in Sept. We currently have a points program for the Jrs. for our Canadian Bracket Super Tour, as well as Luskville Dragway, but would like nothing better than to make the Jr. Program as appealing for all series as Super Pro and Semi Pro. If you or your company would be interested please contact me at 613-715-1029.

I am very pleased to announce some of the line up for the Elliot Lake Tour Race on July 13-14-15, Neale Armstrong and his Northern Warrior Jet Dragster has just been signed on. Neale who is making a pretty good name for himself on the Jet car circuit has been around drag racing all of his life, just like myself. Neale has long been the manager at Dragway Park in Cayuga and is well known by many drag racers. I had the pleasure of working with Neale in 1997 when we produced the Pennzoil Nationals at Dragway Park, and event that was a HUGE success way back then. Neale will be in town early to meet everyone, and is kind of special for him as this neck of the woods is where he and his family are from. So yes look for lots of relatives to make there way out to the races, some for the first time ever. 2018 will mark the 19th year for the Elliot Lake Tour event, the most successful airport venue of all time.
As has been a tradition for 38 years now, we kick of the official off season, which starts right after the banquet, with the stories of our advertisers and their support of Luskville Dragway.
Back in the fall 1980 when I started driving around too visit the advertisers one of the first stops I would do is a place in Kemptville, Ontario called "Bill Competition Engines". Bill was synonymous with Drag Racing and building fast drag cars. This is where I met Randy Urslak for the very first time, as he was just starting out in his life of being a mechanic. Those years at Bill Gaw though would introduce Randy to the world of Drag Racing and its was not long before he started coming to the track driving a car for Bill and promoting Bills engine shop. Well as far as Randy's Drag Racing history, it would take a book to write about all of those accomplishments and those of his 3 Kids who also would become major players at Luskville Dragway and in the sport of Drag Racing. Over the years Randy has driven many a race car, other than the first one all of his own, but he will quickly tell you that those years at Bills was what etched is spot in the sport of Drag Racing.
Randy has won many races including many big dollar races, he has been voted driver of the year on more than one occasion. Randy and Carrie his wife can also take pride in their 3 children's as they have shown their knack for following in the Fathers foot steps, just look at this years Jr. Dragster Track Champion, youngest son Landyn Urslak who secured his second track championship. Randy and Carries two oldest kids who both left their mark on the sport at Luskville Dragway are both in University, but when ever the chance's allow they are back behind the wheel of a drag car. Again to point out how being a good drag racer is definitely in your DNA, as oldest Son Kayle proved when he won not only the Super Pro Class in one of his first times in a big car, but went on too win King of the Track. Kayle is now in University in Southern, Ontario and Randilynne continues her studies at Queens in Kingston.
Yes things are much different around the Urslak home these days with only Jr. Dragster Pilot Landyn there, but that's not the only changes as Randy doesn't spend as much time at Randy's as he did, as he is now the Deputy fire Chief for Greenville. Much like his very fast dragster, Randy has never been one to stand still and his very quickly climb up the latter to Deputy Fire Chief, is reminiscent  of the success of Randy's Performance Automotive from the day it was launched. So once again in 2018 The Bill Gaw Memorial Weekend will take place, Continuing the tradition of never forgotten Bill Gaw and man who started it all for Randy way back when. The Randy's Performance Bill Gaw Memorial Weekend will once again go on the Canada Day weekend and will feature the Semi Pro Challenge as well as the Jr. Dragster National Challenge.

Randy has had many race cars over
the years, this is were it started

This little Nova was a very
nice car and one that worked
very well also

Randy had a street roadster
long before they became as
popular as they are today
Don't say I said so, but look out for the July 1st Semi Pro Foot Brake Challenge as its taking on a life of its own, and its getting more interesting as every week goes by. This week the Northern Warriors out of North Bay, Ontario added their team to the list who will be part of the July 1st Semi Pro Challenge, and boy do they have a team. Team Leader is none other than Canadian Bracket Super Tour Rookie of the year, and someone who lead the points chase for most of the year, Ashley Muttart. But it does not stop there as the Warriors will also have Napa Auto Parts Show Me the Money Tour Points Champion Danny Sproule, the first Northern Driver to ever win the points series. Claude Trudel who made his way to the winners circle at more than one big dollar event last season will be a tough competitor to say the least, a veteran of the Napa Tour Trudel knows how to win. The list continues on with drivers who have been too the winners circle or on their way there for sure. Reg Laporte and his son Jason bring a pair of Dodge's to the group and both of these drivers are more than capable to win the big one. Arnel Lapperrier who drives the Border Bandit Nova has shown that he is also headed for his first win as he continued to go more rounds each and every weekend out, and will be a tuff competitor for all in 2018. Pete Demers rounds out the 8 Northern Warriors and he will bring experience and a huge desire to win to group. So yes there is no question that the addition of this gang will want to make everyone sit up and take notice the North is ready to do battle. Now we wait to see who will be on the rumored Sudbury Team as well as the potential team being put together By Rob Howell which will be called the North Shore Challengers, Stay Tuned this is getting big.
#1 Ashley Muttart, #2 Danny Sproule #3 Claude Trudel #4 Reg Laporte #5 Gary Paynter #6 Jason Laporte #7 Arnel Lapperrier #8 Pete Demers
The Bracket Bonanza is the one race a year that has attracted more US Based cars than any other event that we have over the racing season. And over the years there have been many from the US who have won the Bonanza. Drivers like Carl Brucher, Jimmy Diciacco, but know one has done more winning than Frank Mark Sr. From the very beginning Frank made an impact on our event, with his wins, with the many drivers he has convinced to come and be part of this race, and too the tons of fun this man has created while racing with us. I think it is safe to say the Luskville Dragway has pretty much adopted Frank and his family as part of the Luskville Dragway family, and we have even joke that he is a part time Canadian. So it is no surprise that Frank has added his name to the Busters Big Dog Shootout, a race that he and his son Frank Jr. have both won. With the uncertainty of whether JR. will be able to get time off for the long weekend in August, Senior has added his name twice to the competition for this Friday portion of the Bracket Bonanza. Frank says if Jr. cant make he will find someone to drive the second car, if he cant find someone to drive it he will drive both himself.
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