$13,500 to win Sat
2017 Bracket Bonanza





Yes the season is under way so too speak, as testing and time trials got underway this past Saturday, but not everyone is ready for the real season, which starts May long weekend. And that is pretty obvious when you peek inside BW Race Cars and see Brian White burning the midnight oil to get everyone done and out the door in time for the Malcolm Carpentry Opening Weekend presented by Precision Concrete Finishing. The pictures below see Denis Blacks Street Roadster as well as a Mustang that now has a new owner but was once campaigned by another Wall of Fame Candidate Bruce "BUZZ" Haze. 
*Luskville Dragway regular and long time supporter Rob Graveline stopped by Friday to pick up his 2017 Napa Auto Parts Membership and Personal Parking spot, and it reminded me of how this and our advertisers are such a big part in the success of Luskville Dragway. The back bone of any track in my mind is its advertisers and its regular racers, and how important it is that we sign up as many as we can to be members in what is one of the few track run points programs left in the country. And yes we have the largest sign up in the history of the points programs and we believe there will be more, hopefully all that are regulars will show their support by signing up. I know, I know you have heard me say it over and over but supporting our track, our points program and our advertisers is so very important to the future of Luskville Dragway.
*Well it wasn't pretty, in fact it was down right ugly when our first Saturday got underway this past weekend but in the end, we won it out and had a pretty good first Test and Tune and Cruise Night. Got too give everyone credit as close to 100 cars showed up for the Cruise Night which was quite cool temperature wise to say the least. The day started out with light showers, and the track had to be dried to start out, by afternoon the sun was trying to peak out but as earlier pointed out the Temperatures were not very appealing for out door activities at all. But all that being said getting as many out as we did under these conditions is very encouraging to say the least, hopefully weather will be warmer this coming Saturday as a number of Points Members plan on being out to test for the first time this season. Once again a big thank you to those that came out and helped get the season started, see you next weekend as the staff splits up to  take care of the track and the Custom Car Show, Motorama at the EY Centre Saturday and Sunday.
With the entree this week of Denis Souliere we now have each and everyone of the previous winners of the Busters Big Dog Shootout entered for this years bash. Denis who won the race in 2016 will try and defend his title and become the only two time winner of the event at this years addition August 4th. This year will see the event be completed during the day time unlike other years when the race was always finished under the lights at Luskville Dragway. With the golf cart race and other things being changed for the new season, it allowed and required for the Richest drag race to take place during the daytime which ha met with approval from all involved. Denis will join the likes of Derek Malcolm, Troy Davis, Frank Mark Sr. and Jr. Russ Adams, and Fred Angers who will all be trying to become the first time two time winners. This is an event that everyone would like to win, and over the years has been on everyone's wish list, could this be the first time we have a repeat winner. It should be pointed out that the first ever winner Ralph Coe who did it in a door car has not as of this time entered, but has never missed one in any previous years.
We are extremely pleased to announce that the Quebec Snap On Tool Distributors have signed on to be involved with Luskville Dragway for the 2017 season. Snap On is no stranger to Motorsports, and very much no stranger to Luskville Dragway where their advertising signs have been visible for years. This program was put together by the 3  Quebec Dealers who are located in the Luskville Dragway area, and are very much involved with two of our long standing advertisers Aylmer Auto Performance and Speedy Automotive Gatineau. I will be quite honest in saying the Rai Pillwien and Mike Chenier played a big part in this coming together which we are very much grateful for. It is help from current advertisers that can bring new ones into the family at Luskville Dragway and in this day and age is sometimes the only way to do it. Steve Nadeau who is Rai's rep at Aylmer Auto Performance was the lead Snap On Person who took the bull by the horns in putting this deal together. He along with fellow Snap on Franchise's Steve Beauchamp and Yannick Matte will be representing Snap at the track this season. We hope that everyone will get a chance to meet these guys this summer as their plans are to have the famous Snap On Tools Trucks at the race track.
We have spend most of the past week cleaning, putting signs back up, scraping the pads, and everything else that has become part of the process of getting ready to open for a new season. We still have some work to get done before April 22nd but we are in better shape than any previous year as we head into another racing season. Derek and Troy reinstalled the timing system and scoreboards and had it all up in running in a record time.  The Track will be open early Saturday Moring with Testing starting at 12 noon. Track will have been completely scraped and sprayed to start the new season. Anyone travelling from out of town to test is more than able to come in on Friday if they wish and stay Saturday night if so be their choice, also anyone wishing to drop their stuff off for the season may do so also.

Well its finally here this Saturday we open for our first test in tune and cruise night of the season, in what many believe could be the biggest summer in the history of Luskville Dragway, lets hope that is the case. Time trials and testing will begin at 12 pm and go until 11 that night, with the cruise night starting at its usual time 6 pm. The track has been scraped and will be sprayed so hopes are high for some strong runs for those that which to take of advantage of the opening. We will follow this with three more identical Saturday's as we work our way towards the Malcolm Carpentry Opening weekend May 20-21, BE THERE.

*As we spoke briefly about this past off season, after the death of long time Luskville Dragway regular Mike Doyle will become a reality this spring. With the blessings of the Doyle family, who will be present on this very special day we will honor Mike and a number of other Luskville Dragway Family Members that have left us, and in most cases way, way to soon. Luskville Dragway will dedicate a wall in the restaurant to display pictures of those that have gone to the track where you drive through the pearly gates on race day. We will also have a special parade on this dedication day with the missing racer format at the request of Mikes Family. We will then present the pictures that will hang on the " Wall of Fame" for all to appreciate over the years ahead. Joining Mike on the Wall will be Diamond Jim and Andre Fearrey as well as any others that come forward prior to the unveiling. Obviously this is something that the families of those that have the right to be on the wall, would have complete control over and we will only do this with their blessing. We made a promise that we would never forget those that are no longer with us and we firmly believe this is one way of doing it. We will announce the date of this ceremony once we have coordinated with those that will be involved, hope you will make and effort to be there on this very special day.
*We are now taking names (16 only)  for the Top Dragster (opened bodied cars) shootout taking place on Saturday of the Malcolm Carpentry opening weekend May 20th. This is basically a high roller event that will run AFTER the regular program, but with it being early in the season and everyone being anxious to race, will fill fast. The entree cost will be $200. winner will get $2000. Runner up $750 Semi's $250. We have done a lot of talking about the influx of door cars over the winter and over the past few years, but don't kid yourself there are a TON of dragsters in our area and this field will fill fast. We would also remind everyone that SFI will take place on Sunday May 21st so here too you must have your name on the list.
Interstate Batteries is no stranger to Motorsports Marketing, and Interstate Batteries is no stranger to marketing with Luskville Dragway, and will enter the second decade of doing just that in 2017. Having Interstate Batteries on board once again this year is not just a good thing, its a great thing, as being involved with a company that is so involved in Motorsports makes one feel pretty good that they have chosen Luskville Dragway as well. Interstate Batteries is with out question the best known name in the Battery business, and that has come about because of their HUGE involvement with all aspects of Motorsports, from Mike Edwards on the NHRA Pro Stock Scene, to Kyle Bush on the Nascar Sprint Cup Scene, and that is just two of the better known programs, but two that are well documented. With the assistance of James Locke, the man in charge in this part of the country, Luskville Dragway has had the pleasure to have Interstate involved for over a decade now. Interstate Batteries is a lot more than just car batteries, which is what many of us tend to believe, they carry and sell anything that has anything to do with batteries, and any type of batteries.
Over the years Luskville Dragway has played host to many a great race, many a great time, and has seen many a great match up between great cars. Finding the picture of Facebook, thanks to Mike Lacelle a long time supporter of Luskville Dragway made me realzie just how good the racing and the cars have been at this small NHRA Track. Located in a area that has a much smaller demographic's than say Montreal (3 million) or Toronto (6 Milllion) the Ottawa area with only 1 million population has done quite well when it comes to drag racing and drag racers. This area has produced National event winning cars, National record holding racers and has certainly etched its spot in Canadain Drag Racing. We take great pride in our track and the racers it has produced, and that will continue for many decades to come. This flash back features top sportsman cars of Denis Souliere, and James Hewitt, this is the quality of race cars one would expect to find at a much larger track, in a much larger populated area of the country. Just an added note the trick Wally Stroupe Corvette will return to action at Luskville Dragway on a regular bassis this season with new paint and new owner Mike Chenier wheeling the beast.
Well the drivers meeting is now behind us and we can look down the road a couple of weeks and the official opening of testing at Luskville Dragway April 22nd. If the turnout is any indication of the
what to expect in the 2017 season then LOOK OUT. A Record Turnout of racers and crew memebers, and a record number of membership sign ups (17 Foot brake cars alone) set the bar pretty high for the upcoming season. After a brief greeting announced was the fact that not many changes where in store for 2017, why fix it if it aint broke was the comments. A quick update on what improvemnts where planned for the new summer, but other than that the programs would be much like they where. One item that was discussed and did get a lot of support was an effort would be launched to attract more Semi Pro (footbrake) cars to run the door car challenge July 1st. It was discussed and agreed upon that if we get enough of support from that class that we would run a split ladder for the first two rounds, with "Electronic, Trans Brake" cars on one side and "Non Electronic Foot Brake Cars" on the other side. Following the second round buy backs the two sides would be merged into one ladder, this class will be run prior to a seperate class for Super Pro and Footbrake in the afternoon. We will have more on this as the season unfolds, but we know we have to get any and everyone with a door car into this deal if we are to make it a success, and have it become an annual affair.

*Former Luskville Dragway Regular, and " Former drag racing retiree, Stewart Addley has indicated  he will make his return to the drag racing wars this summer, with a few of those being right at Luskville Dragway. Stewart, Paul Huneault and Danny Guertin, where a threesome that spend many weekends for a number of years racing at Luskville Dragway. They all went their separate ways, leading different life's, but now will all regroup and return to a place they called home for many summers Luskville Dragway. Huneault who was in the chassis business for many years before turning his attention to building vehicles for the handicapped, Guertin spend his time working for the federal government and the driver of the "Lazer Mark Express Cougar" Addely moved to southern Ontario and raised a family. But all things have changed and the Trio will regroup and put their efforts behind Stew's Dodge, and a return to drag racing.
*SEMI PRO CHALLENGE: After last years Super Tour Fall Classic at Luskville Dragway and the Semi Pro Class reaching 80 Cars in numbers, one has to wonder just how many can we attract this season. Is 20 more out of the question, I don't think so, in fact I think it is very achievable and in an effort to put some incentive on it here we go. Luskville Dragway will pay $5000 to win on the Saturday portion of the race if we can hit 100 cars, no entree fee increase just a payout increase if we hit 100 cars. Drivers can obviously play a part in this just by convincing other drivers to make the trek and be part of this incredible payout. There will be some na sayers but I firmly believe this is very, very achievable in the summer of 2017.
*You quite often hear me quoting my Mother, and that's because she was a wise lady, and another one of her sayings was "you cant keep a good man down", especially when he has worked long hours all of his life. Well Pro Mod racer, and long time Luskville Dragway supporter Paolo Giust fits that saying very well, as only a few weeks after the contract that was part of the sale of Ottawa Greenbelt was over Paolo bought his own company once again. Anyone that knows Paolo knows this is one guy that is not afraid of work, and also someone who is not afraid to do a little successful venturing, as his Pro Mod racing will also show. The new company can take care of many construction work you need done, please check out their web site for all the details. I'm sure everyone joins me in wishing Paolo and Shannon nothing but huge success in their latest endeavor.
Luskville Dragway is extremely pleased to announce that ODS  the newest marketing partner to join Luskville Dragway back in 2015 will return in 2017. The NHRA Drag Strip that is located in Luskville, Quebec and only 20 minutes from down town Ottawa, has been around since 1969 and has continued to lead the way with Championship Drag Racing. The popular 1/4 mile drag strip has continually attracted advertisers who choose motorsports as a way of advertising their product.
Ottawa Driveshaft and Steering (ODS) is dedicated to remanufacturing steering gears  and manufacturing driveshaft's. Their modern DSR driveline equipment, computerized steering tester and knowledgeable technicians allow us to deliver top-notch service. Their 5,000 sq. ft. building stores a large inventory of parts to suit all of your driveshaft and steering needs. ODS also specialize in fleet programs as well as agricultural and off road equipment, so as you can see they cover all venues. They are committed to serving you with excellence, and their goal is to be the number one provider of driveshaft and steering products and services in the Ottawa region. Whether you are repairing or customizing your vehicle, Ottawa Driveshaft & Steering (ODS) has the parts that you need. They carry a full assortment of 4 x 4 Shafts, Driveshaft Assemblies, and other Parts custom-built to your specs.
Ottawa Driveshaft & Steering also carries Ottawa's largest truck power steering pump inventory. ODS also offers Expert service with Knowledgeable Steering technicians that will get your vehicle up and running in no time!
Give them a call today at (613) 742-7415 or contact ODS at info@ottawa-driveshaft-steering.com. They very much look forward to doing business with you!

ODS will continue their support of the Largest and Richest Bracket Race in Canada the 36th. Annual Bracket Bonanza on August 3-4-5-6/2017. Their support and the support of others has allowed us to take the Bonanza to where it is in the new season.
Canadian Drag Racing Hall of Fame inductee, and the owner of Fireball Performance Automatics has once again stepped up to support the Semi Pro Class at Luskville Dragway. The award winning owner/driver of many drag racing machines will mark 37 years of advertising and supporting Luskville Dragway. Once again all Semi Pro Drivers who compete in the Napa Auto Parts season long points battle will have their names drawn in reverse at the annual awards banquet in November to crown a winner. Jason Fletcher and Wes Clarmo are two past winners who enjoyed the thrill of the win when there names where the last drawn from the pot in 2015 and 2016. The winner will receive a complete rebuild and freshening of their transmission setting them up to be more the competitive in the new season. The only stipulation is you must be a member of the points chase, and you must run Fireball decals on the car after you receive the work promised. Doug Miller has been an icon in the world of Canadian Drag Racing, the Fireball logo has been seen on many cars across North America. But Doug who was a regular at Luskville Dragway in the early days has never forgot his local track and this season will mark 37 years that Fireball Performance Automatics will have been involved with the Malcolm Family and the running of Luskville Dragway, we can not say thank you loud enough. Fireball is located just south of Ottawa in the small town of Williamsburg, Ontario.
Another week, and another entree into the July 1st. Door Car Challenge, the richest door car race to be held at Luskville Dragway this season. And once again the Northern Ontario Drivers have stepped to the plate as Tony Diodati of Spanish, Ontario a small communities between Sudbury and Sault St. Marie. The trip is not a short one for Tony, and usually more than one or two other drivers that tend to travel with him when heading out. Tony drives a very competitive 66 Chevy II and is more than capable to make his way to the winners circle any time he visits Luskville Dragway or any of the Napa Tours he takes in. Tony's name brings us to 28 cars not where we hope to be come July's. but in pretty good shape when you start to count the many who have not added their name too the list but in all likely hood will be there to race that weekend.
Just a reminder, NEXT SATURDAY (April 8th)  drivers meeting, three weeks until we are open for test and tune. Spread the word as we want this year to be bigger than last year, and we really feel we can do it. This meeting is open to EVERYONE, and is the place to ask those questions you may have. Also a reminder Custom Car Show April 29-30 at the EY Centre Luskville Dragway free pass's with paid admission to show.
*1. Just some more info coming out of the W.O.Stinson's announcement, all drivers entering the Bracket Bonanza will receive a free T-Shirt and Hat!
2. All drivers purchasing their memberships at this weekends Luskville Dragway drivers meeting will have their name put in a draw for a $50. W.O. Stinson's Gift card, this card can be used too purchase anything from W.O.Stinson's, Racing Fuel, Oil, Regular Gas from one of thier many gas centre's or even Coffee. Support those that Support us.
3.We will have all the fuel prices at the drivers meeting, but we are not expecting any changes from last year.
*Rumur mill has a new Semi Pro Driver Trucking into the action this upcoming season, apparently from south of the City, and connected to a current super pro team???. Stay Tuned, maybe they will make an apperance at the drivers meeting.
*As we close in on the opening of the 2017 season I would like to take a few moments to talk too the door car guys and gals, and in particular supporting the $5000. Para Performance Door Car Challenge July 1st. Luskville Dragway has once again put the door car program at the top of the program, and we really need ALL door car drivers to support it. Show me anyone else that is trying has hard as we have to support and promote door cars, and now we need your support. Obviously we are not talking to those of you that already have your name on the list, but we are talking to those that don't. If you run a door car or a roadster, then at one point or another you have said, "boy I hate running those dragsters" well here you go just what you wished for. Get your name on the list we should be able to hit 50 door cars if those of you with that type of ride really want to see door cars play a big part in the future of drag racing. The first year we ran the door pro program we had 52 people put their name on list and that was before our great relationship with the Montreal area racers. And remember their is an incentive as all drivers who have added their name to the pre race list will recieve a $25.00 discount on the price of entree.
*All winter we have been talking about many of the shops that are invovled with us at Lusville Dragway being very busy, and that this was a good sign for the drag racing season. Well here is a few pictures just too show that, and that as we get clsoer too the racing season many of those shops have rapped up the work load and work days in order to get things done and out the door.

BW Race cars is hard at work
with more dragster chassis work
as they work hard & long to get
Yves Lanhier out the door.

Troy Davis seen here at D&D
Performance where they have
been burning the midnight Oil
getting cars out the door.

Speaking of D&D here is another
race engine coming off they dyno
befor going out the door, like all
Some things change and some things stay the same, W.O Stinson and Sons have been making many changes the past few years, including the move into a brand new office building, the construction of a new fuel storage facility, the addition of VP Race Fuels and much, much more. This was all done in anticaption of celebrating their 80th. year of being in business, successfully in the Ottawa Area.
But one thing that has not changed is their continued strong support of Luskville Dragway and all the racers that compete at the small NHRA race track located in Luskville, Quebec. John Armstrong who heads the marketing department for Stinson's, as well as much more including total control of their Motorsports involvement has been stead fast for many years with Luskville Dragway. And we are extremely excited to announce that this year Stinson's has stepped up and stepped up BIG TIME with Luskville Dragway. Beginning in 2017 W.O. Stinson's will hold the official Title Rights to Canada's Oldest, Richest, and Best Big Dollar Bracket Race, The Stinson & Son's Bracket Bonanza. This is a HUGE accomplishment for Luskville Dragway which over the years has had a number of different title rights holders, like Reddi Chef Chicken, The Ottawa Sun and Napa. This newest title rights holder will hopefully be around for a very long time for this 36 year old racing event that is part of Canadian Drag Racing History.
Obviously race fuels and lubricants are not their mainstay as this company which is the largest fuel supplier both for cars and trucks and also for homes and business's across our area. W.O Stinson's & Sons gas stations can be seen almost everywhere and are one way that you the motorsports personal can certainly support those that support us, just by purchasing your gasoline needs at Stinson Gas stations. W.O. Stinson's also can take care of your personal home or business fuel needs whether it be furnace oil or propane for your house or business. W.O. Stinson will continue to be the official race fuel supplier for Luskville Dragway and will continue to make deliveries each and every week directly too the track to make it easier for racers to get their fuel. Along with VP Racing Fuel race teams will also be able to purchase Kendall Race Oil and Brad Penn performance products as well. W.O. Stinson is the official VP Fuel Distributor for Eastern Ontario and in being so supply you with the best price and the best product. Please support those that support us and purchase your fuel and lubricant needs from Stinson's. It should be pointed out that Stinson's supports many of the local drag racers as well, as Mike Ogilvie will once again fly the W.O.Stinon's/Kendall Liquid Titanium Banner in 2017.
With this new and exciting announcement we can also let you know that once again in 2017 like we did on our 35th anniversary last year, EVERY entree will receive a free T-Shirt and hat compliments of Stinson's and Kendall Oil.
Some stories are easy to write as you are close to them, and this next story I can honestly say im real close too. Current Luskville Dragway Super Pro Track Champion Derek Malcolm will defend his Track Championship in a Corvette Roadster in 2017. Derek who has won the track championship the past four years has done so in a dragster, but that will not be the case this coming season. Now dont jump to conclusions as he has not sold his dragster and he will be competing in the dragster when ever it is possible, but not on regular race days at Luskville Dragway. The new ride is a slick 2010 round tube, chrome moly car with ever trick in the book. The big block power will be much the same as what Derek was running in the dragster and should make for a exciting ride, and a entertaining piece for sure. Malcolm who began racing big cars over 15 years ago has been in a number of different cars, including a track championship season in a Batam Altered. So winning the championship in somethign besides a dragster is not new for him, but this time around it will be a bigger challenge for sure. The competition at Luskville Dragway and the Tours is tougher than anywhere in the country. The move to the roadster was talked about alot on this site, and is something we have seen others do as well. Time will tell whether Derek can reproduce his success in the Roadster like he did in the dragsters.
Henry Boer the owner of 1000 Islands RV and Trailer Sales has been a long time supporter of Luskville Dragway and ADM Motorsports, including our days when we ran CCS the stock track in Ottawa. And we are pleased to announce, that support will not only continue in 2017 but will increase with 1000 Islands Presenting AMBUSH at this years Bracket Bonanza. The state of art RV shop and trailer sales located just off the 401 in Gananoque, Ontario is your one stop shop for Motorhomes and race car trailers. An official Haulmark as well as ATC autorized dealer, which has become a racer favourite place to do business, just ask Mike Chenier or Rai Pillwein who both have ATC trailer that where purchased at 1000 Islands lately. Now this is not the only drag racers to have purchased from this supporter of Luskville Dragway, as ADM Motorsports, Paolo Giust, Darren Frasso, and Rick Stoner are just a few more supporters of those that support us. Henry is a avid motorsports supporter and fan, who is involved in a number of tracks besides Luskville Dragway including Dirt Track Brockville Speedway as well as his support for a couple of racers as well. This is a man with a company who definitely gives back to the sport that supports him , so we hope that when your trailer needs come around that you give 1000 Islands a look. Congratuations to Mike Chenier who pruchased his second 1000 Islands trailer last fall, and Dave Siliker who just purchased his first race car hauler from them.