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2018 Bracket Bonanza



Want to speak just briefly on our Luskville Dragway Facebook page, a page that now has 4000 members and growing each and every week. This page is meant to promote Luskville Dragway, The Drivers and the Advertisers that support Luskville Dragway. To inform the Drivers, and the fans of what is going on with the sport at our track and those that support it. It is NOT meant to promote a deal on a service or product that is sold by any company that is not involved with Luskville Dragway. This is a pretty clear concept of supporting those that support us, anything else will be deleted.

*Well went out and got my fix of drag racing yesterday at Bradenton Motorsports Park where Paolo Giust was running his Outlaw vs the World Camaro. Was like old homecoming week at the event as besides Paolo & Shannon, got to visit with Jamie Clarmo, Scott Drummond, Tommy Orr and a number of guys from the Montreal area that we have met through the super tour. This is a annual race trip while on vacation and lets you see what is happening in the drag racing world other than at home. Again not sure why its called the "Street Car Nationals" as there was nothing that even remotely resembled a street car. However there was lots of cars as many from the North come south to get some laps in before they start racing back home. The Most impressive thing of the entire day was watching Paulo run an incredible 3.80 to come out of the first round of qualifying as the number one car. The car was like it was on a string as it was one of the straightest runs I have ever seen, had everyone talking for sure. At one time Bradenton Motorsports Park was also part of a Motorsports Park with Desoto Speedway right beside it, however the stock car track has been closed and rezoned for housing. Listening to a number of people and seeing for myself, it was pointed out how nothing has been improved at the track for sometime now and the concern is, will the same fate happen to this drag strip that is happening many places these days. That being said the racing surface at the track along with the expertise of Kirk Johnston on traction made for some very, very fast runs as Paulo showed.

*The Big Dog Shootout at this years Bracket Bonanza is probably going to be the biggest entree list in the decade long history of the event. Russ Adams the winner in 2011 says he agrees with this prediction and cant wait for a chance to back up his big win from 7 years ago. Russ who grew up at Luskville Dragway is no stranger to the winners circle at Luskville Dragway as well as many other tracks through out North America. Driving a dual suspended Diamond Dragster and having years of experience at Luskville Dragway will make Russ a tough customer for sure. The new format and the lower entree fee has been a HUGE HIT with everyone and also with the Canadian Bracket Super Tour Points chasers being present also, look for a huge entree and a HUGE payout. The Dragsters will run off to get a winner and the Door Cars will run off too get a winner and those two will meet in what will be the final for a LOT of MONEY.
Drag Racing has changed greatly over the years and as we have wrote on this site numerous times, it is always evolving and moving in different ways. Bracket Racing has however been the backbone of local drag racing for quite some time and will continue to be so in my predictions for a long time too come. But 2017 Saw something different begin at Luskville Dragway with the implantation of the Outlaw Street Car program. Drawing some fast street cars, some former Bracket Racers and just some plain out new blood (which is always good) to Luskville Dragway for some heads up racing. The program was a success in all accounts in its maiden season, and has some great times at the track and added some great and different type of racing. This is a class that is heads up , who ever gets there first, yes some of the cars look more like race cars than street cars, but what's important is its different and brings new blood. Hell there is even talk that the group might put forth a team for the semi pro challenge on June 30th. As of right now we have 6 events scheduled for 2018 and those dates are all on the 2018 track schedule posted on this web site. Those drivers that are interested in this class are urged to come too the Drivers Meeting at Busters Sports Bar, April 7th for a discussion with them about the class. We have seen indications that there could be a number of new drivers give this class a shot in the new year and if you are someone that is interested let us know, and show up at meeting. Scott Hollywood featured on the opening page this week was the car to beat in 2017, but a number of drivers have indicated that they are coming for the title in 2018.
Lentech Automatics is no stranger to Luskville Dragway, and now under new ownership it will return as a major advertiser in 2018. Chris Nugteren the  owner of this well know performance transmission shop is also no stranger to the NHRA Facility in Luskville Quebec, and we will have the pleasure of seeing him even more this upcoming season. As a new era of marketing partnerships with Luskville Dragway begins Chris wanted to make sure that even though the shop is famous for its Ford Performance Trans, they work on, and build any make or brand with the same qualifications and results.
Lentech  takes pride in providing you with the most innovative AOD/4R70 transmission technology available. Every product is fully tested and backed by an unprecedented warranty. They are also committed to continual development of new products and refinement of existing products. Their technical staff is trained to recommend only components appropriate to your equipment combination. They specialize in the high performance modification of Ford automatic overdrive transmissions for street or strip. But not just for Fords.  They also supply adapter solutions that allow fitment of your LENTECH modified Ford Overdrive to a GM or Chrysler, with equally good results! You won’t find a more complete selection of AOD/4R70 products anywhere. So if you need a high performance edge, you need a LENTECH…
We welcome Lentech back to Luskville Dragway and hope everyone will come out and join in on their cruise night, with the race date being June 23rd. Lentech will return as the official title rights holder to the right lane score board at Luskville Dragway as well a signage space they have had for many years now.
Mike and Vicki Ogilvie's new race shop is coming along great as this pic shows Mike checking things out as they are now inside working in the warmth. Getting to that point has had its ups and downs when the weather man did not cooperate with the cold and windy days that affected the work, but things are moving along great now. I don't think there is any of us that are not excited about this build as it is one of a kind in our area and shows how far we have come in our sport locally. There has been lots of talk on Facebook over the past while about how great things where in the drag racing world many years ago, and how bracket racing was bad for our sport, I think this, the Napa Tour, The Super Tour, and what goes on at Luskville Dragway counters those claims, Drag Racing is bigger and better in our area than it has ever been.

Lewis Gagne with co-pilot Ashley Muttart have made it home safely with Lewis's dragster and a brand new front suspension set up for 2018. Weather man did not cooperate, but Lewis being a great truck driver as well as a very good drag racer did what he does best and got er done. Lewis who has made a name for himself very quickly in the super pro ranks will be that much more competitive with the new front suspension, as was proven with drivers like Mike Chenier, Derek Malcolm and Kyle Jessup who have also put front suspension on their cars. One of the first things to get done, will obviously be new paint, was thinking of running a contest for everyone to guess what might be the new color, anyone thinking BLUE?  Lewis along with all of the above mentioned drivers are anxiously awaiting the beginning of the new season which is only a few months down the road.

Life is full of ups and downs or highs and lows and running a business makes that two fold, and that is very true with Luskville Dragway as running it has its highs and lows. With out question there has been many of them over the years, whether it be the loss of an advertiser or the loss of a racer, whether it be the rain or even the forecast the downs do happen. We have spoken greatly about the signing of new advertisers at the end of 2017 for 2018, but we have also lost at least one presenter advertiser for 2018 and we are not completely done renewing everyone, so that could be higher before we kick off the season, hopefully not. Last year we lost from competition door car stars John Forsyth and Grant Honeywell which besides the rain, was the biggest downer for the track in 2018. Well from the lows to the highs, spoke with both of these gentleman in the off season and both said the same thing, once a drag racer always a drag racer. Grant said he is definitely not done, just taking a breath and rethinking what's next. John said there is a very good chance he will be out a few times this year, not sure for which events but did plan to race a few times, "the highs". Plus rumor mill has a door car drag racer from years ago looking for a car for a possible return to Luskville Dragway. So as we move through the winter months we can't emphasis how important it is to support the advertisers that we have, and how important it is to at least let them know how much you appreciate what they do for out track to keep it alive. As you can see by the next little story nothing is a guarantee.

It was announced on Wednesday January 17th that the historic Drag Strip in Englishtown, New Jersey (Raceway Park) has been sold and will cease being a racetrack immediately. Old Bridge Township Raceway Park will now be a storage area for Copart, an online vehicle auction, and services company, based in Dallas, Texas. They have three auctions throughout New Jersey right now. In some ways this racetrack played a part for my love of drag racing, as a kid on the farm I use to listen too wwabc. radio late in the evenings and here the commercials for "Raceway Park"  back then it was done with a squeaky little varmint called "Raceway Rat"
This is a huge blow to all Drag Racing and I don't believe it is the end of drag strip closings. There has never been a time in our history where supporting your local drag strip has been so important, once there gone there gone. Racing of all types is having troubles, just look at Nascar and in particular The Canadian Series where if they are lucky 16 cars show up to race at the supposedly superior series in Canada. We have talked about it many times, what is happening, what can we do, I can give you numbers over the past 40 years not sure you want to here them though.

*With the write up above causing a lot of stir in the drag racing world about track closings and tracks cutting their schedule it is refreshing to here that two extra SEMI PRO dates have been added to the 2018 schedule. As we have expanded our involvement with other tracks and other series we have cut a number of dates from our calendar, in fact in my opinion we have cut to many, as not everyone travels to the big races, and want their home track to be open, WE WILL. Last year we saw NO points racing for the entire month of July at Luskville Dragway, this season we have added July 21st. to the semi pro points list as well as May 26th. We will be working with advertisers in an effort too make these weekends special and will be doing them with the Outlaw Street Cars as well as other things we can add too the show.
Not many things last as long as the support that D&D Performance of Chesterville, Ontario as shown for Luskville Dragway and the many racers and fans that frequent the close to 50 year old NHRA Drag Strip in Luskville Quebec. D&D Performance and Luskville Dragway have drawn parallel lines in longevity, growth, as well as marketing partnerships since the track was build in 1969. Rolly Doucette and Ed Decooman the owners of this very successful performance and race engine shop now located in Chesterville, Ontario were some of the original drag racers from this area, and where some of the first to come through the gates way back when Luskville Dragway opened in 1969. So these are two gentleman who have watched as the track as gone through many changes over the years, as has D&D Performance. The addition of Phil VanNoppen, (Ed's Son in Law) which could be the beginnings of the passing of the torch when that day comes, is one of the few changes over the years. However this is not the only change that has happened along with the move from the  small Gatineau, Quebec Sunoco Station, to the modern day shop in Chesterville, Ontario. I think when Ed and Rolly look back at where they started and what they had to work with compared to today where every winning engine sits on the high tech Dyno before it leaves the shop. That's not how it was done back in the early days and most of the set up and tuning was only done at the track, where they were every weekend. And that part as not changed as you can find Ed and Phil at the track every weekend lending a hand and good advice where ever it is needed.
Yes there is no question that these two could talk too you about the difference in today's racing compared to back then, when cars where flat towed or actually driven to the track to compete in what was then only SUNDAY racing. D&D have done their fare share of winning as car owners as well, and that to is something else that has continued as they have many winning drivers using D&D Performance Power to keep that winning ways going. One only needs to look around the list of winners to quickly see that this is a shop that produces top quality winning combinations, just ask drivers like Jamie Tupper, Derek Malcolm,(Luskville Dragway Super Pro Champion) Russ Adams, Troy Davis, John Forsyth, Scott Wilson, Mike Chenier, Darren Frasso, Al, Becky, and Shelly Ray, Dale Gauthier and the list goes on and on. Now don't think for a moment that they only build drag racing engines as many a street car performers come out of this shop as well, as do boat engines and truck and tractor pulling bullets. Now as you can tell by the fact that Luskville Dragway has been around for  more than 45 years, that Rolly and Ed are not as young as they look, but yes they are still fielding race cars and will continue to so in 2018. Ed will have possibly four Grandchildren who will all drive race cars in 2018 continuing the family tradition of coming through the gates at Luskville Dragway. Son in Law Phil will also continue to compete and chase the TDL West championship in Semi Pro with the hopes of adding that title to the lists of accomplishment's. We have also documented on this web site Grace VanNoppen's plans for 2018. D&D Performance as you can tell has always been a big part of Luskville Dragway and that partnership continues into 2018 with their advertising support, and their support of the Napa Auto Parts Fall Bracket Finals/Super Tour, and Jet Car Show, Sept 1-2.
Most of the excitement surrounding the Big Dog Shoot Out prior to the New Year was centered around the dragsters and all of those that committed to the race. However the last little while has seen a number of door cars commit to the August 4th Busters Big Dog Shootout, which will see the door cars race each other too the finals where they will meet the winner of the dragster side of the ladder. This week see Brian Swayne of Carleton Place place his name on the list of potential Big Dog Winners with his strong running 68 Camaro. Brian who comes from a family of drag racers is originally from North Bay, and shares the driving duties with a good friend Tom Cline who at one time fielded his own ride. Brian and Tom are a welcome addition to the Luskville Dragway facility, and even though they don't make every weekend they do try and make all the two day events. Tom and Brian have also participated in a number of Super Tour events and plan on doing so in 2018 as well. The pre race commitment qualifies this team for any draws that will take place prior to the event that will be held during the day light hours of August 4th. Just a added note the Atwill Service Centre Super Golf Cart race will take place following the Big Dog Shootout.
Even though it was a week ago we would like to report that many of the Luskville Dragway and Canadian Bracket Super Tour Boys got together for their annual deal, and by all accounts they all behaved. This annual gathering which was put together by Troy Davis and is hosted by Troy and Derek starts out with a trip to Top Karting in Gatineau, Dinner out and then a night at the Casino. Racers from Montreal, North Bay, Belleville and of course Luskville Dragway made up the group which by all accounts had a great time . Just to name a few of those that joined Troy and Derek where The Fred Angers, Adam Bitzanis, Lewis Gagne, Ashley Muttart, The Barker Boys from Belleville, Mike Ogilvie, Mike Chenier and many more. John Chambers was also in attendance to keep an eye (and camera) on everyone, and even some former and future racers where there as well.

*Even though the Christmas break slowed things down a little bit at Dez's paint shop, things are moving along well on the ADM Motorsports Corvette that Derek Malcolm drives, as it gets ready for some blues, yellows and ??. The body which completely comes off was removed and as you can see by the pictures, is ready for paint. Dez who has been painting cars for decades now is very excited to be painting a race car once again, as this will be his first in a while. Besides painting cars for ADM Dez also is responsible for Frank Cantusci's Firebird, and the Corvette once owned by Mickey Rooney.

*A lot of local semi pro drivers have been asking how they get on the A-Semi Pro Team for Luskville Dragway that will compete in the Team Championships. So this week thought i would lay it out so everyone would have a better idea how it will work. First of all there will be One Position that will be Managers Choice! the other 7 spots will be the top 7 spots in the points series as of June 24th. We know that Shannonville is trying to put a team together, as well as another one at least from Northern Ontario, and the street outlaw guys are considering it. Everyone will have a chance to be heard as well at the Drivers Meeting April 7th.

*We can confirm that NHRA will be present at Luskville Dragway on May 20 (opening weekend) to SFI any race car that needs doing. This is a service that NHRA Supplies to its sanctioned tracks and is something that everyone should consider doing, it is not a requirement for many cars but is something that will help you sell your car no matter what class your in. Certification is the first thing everyone asks when they buy a race car, it is assurance that the car has the right tubing in it. So if you think you would like to have this done please get in touch with us and get your name on a list, we need to have a paper list this year and have it for the inspector when he gets there so he does not miss anyone like last year. My fault last year as I did not have a list and one racer who had asked to have it done was missed, wont happen again.
We are extremely thrilled to announce that Carl Jessup the owner  of Precision Concrete Finishing of Renfrew, Ontario will continue its solid support of Luskville Dragway once again in 2018. Carl who is one of the original racers at the track and someone who has seen his fare share of winning over the years, has always been a strong supporter of Luskville Dragway. These days Carl's Son Kyle does most of the driving of the family Undercover rear engine dragster. Playing a leading role with the racing operation is much like he does in the family business as well, as Kyle has been working with his father from the first day he was old enough. The company which is based in Renfrew, Ontario has done a incredible amount of work within the racing community and this is a perfect example of supporting those that support us. Precision Concrete has always been responsible  for any and all of the concrete work at Luskville Dragway, including all of the starting line pad work that has been done over the years. Precision has also done work for many other racers including Derek Malcolm (Malcolm Carpentry) Tom Orr, Brian White and Joe Kavanagh to just name a few. Their work is much like the title of their company, done with precision, profection and pricing that is matched by none. As many racers have proven this is a perfect example of a company that you the racing community can support, whether it be a garage floor, basement floor, walkway or complete house foundation Precision concrete is someone that can take care of your needs. Precision Concrete Finishing will once again present the Mulligan Saturday Portion of Malcolm Carpentry  Opening weekend which is shaping up to be the biggest ever. This will allow the racers in Super Pro eliminator to run for $2000 to win on opening points day at Luskville and the Semi Pro Racers to shoot for $750. to win. This is a great way to kick off the season and do so in fine fashion as we have for the last number of years. Friday will feature move in and and Test Session on Friday evening for all of those that need, cost will be $30. car and driver.
Well we finally have another door car racer commit to running the Busters Big Dog Shootout on the Friday of the Bracket Bonanza. Chris Dennique and Gerald "Chris's Dad" have long been Luskville Dragway supporter have thrown their names into the hat for August 4th. Now besides being long time supporters of Luskville Dragway Gambler Racing" had also been long time supporters of the Dodge camp. That all changed last year as the team from Renfrew, Ontario switched to Chevrolet, and immediately started going more rounds than they ever had. Even though the X Dodge team had to take a lot of ribbing from the other Chevy Teams there is no question that the switch to Chevy was a good one for this race team. Chris who is an employee of Precision Concrete Finishing has been traveling to Luskville Dragway most of his life on weekends. First as a crew member on his Dad's cars and later as a race car driver himself. I think it would be safe to say that 2017 was "Gambler Racing" best season ever and look for this team to visit the winners circle soon.
First of all hope everyone had a great time over the holidays like we did, but now that they are over its time to start thinking more about drag racing and what is coming up before the season starts. First up is the annual Practice Tree Party at Busters Bar & Grill, this yearly affair draws racers from as far away as New Jersey, and is a great time for everyone and will be held on February 24th. This great time is taken promoted and produced by Derek and Troy and for anyone that has been there they know what a great time it is, and everyone wins something. Following on the heals of the Practice Tree Party comes the annual Drivers Meeting it to will be held at Busters Bar and Grill on Saturday April 7th. Starting at 2 p.m.. but come early and join us for lunch. The drivers meeting is a time to speak your mind, bring things forward that you would like to discuss and here the tracks side of things as well. The track will lay out the plans for 2018 and would love to here your input on those things. Last year was the largest we have had, and the largest number of memberships ever sold, lets try and out do 2017.

*Some things are moving and shaking as we get past the Christmas Holidays, ADM Motorsports got one of their Christmas wishes off the ground the week prior to Christmas as the Corvette Roadster made its way to Dez's Custom Paint Shop. As promised the car will take on a more ADM color scheme for the 2018 campaign, with the color yellow playing a prominent force in that look. Right now the car is completely stripped down with the first coat of Candy's to go on in the next week, we will keep you posted and have pictures as soon as it done. Dez Fitzgerald the owner and renowned custom painter is no stranger to painting drag cars, in fact this will be the fourth one that he has done for ADM Motorsports over the years going back to 1980 when Dez did some work on the ADM Motorsports Blue Vega. Dez was also responsible for the Hooter's Dragster, The Coors Light Dragster and the La Gage 69 Camaro. Dez has been around Ottawa for Many, Many years and does much of the painting of any restoration performance cars, many power boats, and in the early days custom vans. Very well known and well respected in the industry, ADM is anxious to see the new look too say the least.

*The ADM Motorsports Corvette Roadster is not the only Luskville Dragway car that will be sporting a new paint scheme come 2018, as Daryl and Joan Jensen have repainting their end of the year purchase as well. Daryl bought a X Super Stock Camaro that came with some pretty spiffy yellow colors on it, however Red is the color of choice for Daryl and team so that is what took place just this past little while. The car was completely stripped down, sanded and then painted very much like the Chevelle that has been a mainstay at Luskville Dragway for many years now. The new Camaro has not seen any seat time with Daryl behind the wheel so to say he is anxious for spring would be putting it very mildly. Daryl who was very competitive with the small tire Chevelle, will be a force to reckon with, with the big tire Camaro.

*As we head into the downward swing (I'm an optimist) of the off season, news is starting to pick up speed on what is happening it the drag racing world locally. We touched on this a little bit back in the fall but it is now official, Grace VanNoppen will see some Semi Pro Action in 2018 as she finish's up her time in the Jr. Dragster Class as well. Yes this will be Grace's last season of Jr. and her last chance to capture a championship in the Jr. Dragster Class. However Grace will also be partnering up with Tim Fearrey in his Semi Pro Mustang as the duo will compete as a team in the TDL West Semi Pro Series. Mustang will get some engine freshening this off season at D&D Performance, and the car has already been dropped off at MF Chassis Works in Cornwall for a custom cage as well as some other improvements. Andrew Libby the owner of MF Chassis Works will give the car a good going over and with the improvements make this a much better Semi Pro car and will make Tim and Grace very competitive as they chase the points. With the Grace getting ready to move out of the Jr. Class, its easy to see how badly we need NEW blood to flow into this class, where at one time we had over 20 cars each and every weekend

*Finally this week as we kick back into high gear and starting planning for 2018, and what we hope will be an incredible season. We want to inform everyone that personal parking spots will once again be available for those that want them. A few rules are in affect however when it comes to personal parking spots, they must be reserved and paid for no later than drivers meeting 2018 (April 7). Only available to advertisers and points members, and ALL spots are available. Personal Parking spots MUST be marked with a acceptable sign that looks good and can be read by all.
With the festive season behind us now, we announce the kick off too the 2018 Napa Auto Parts Track Series May 18-19-20/2018 at Luskville Dragway. Malcolm Carpentry & Construction, like they have done for the past number of years will once again hold the title rights and will make it possible to have this big weekend. With increased purses for both Super Pro and Semi Pro we are certainly hoping to attract a number of out of town drivers to this event. The race will also feature a Super Pro High Roller on Saturday Afternoon like the very successful one's we have run in the past and has been met with a great participation. Malcolm Carpentry and Construction is owned and operated by 6 time Track Super Pro Champion Derek Malcolm. The privately owned business operates in Ottawa and has grown to the point where the work almost interrupts Derek's Racing program, however the love of drag racing and the friendships from it, keeps adjustments making things work. Derek is not only busy with his company and his drag racing but he along with his wife Tiziana are on the run with their two little girls all the time, from Dance to Soccer and much, much more. In fact the reason that Derek, Diane and I are usually not there for the Friday Night of the opening weekend, is Olivia and Julia have there dance recital on that evening. 
Malcolm Carpentry specializes in renovations and specialty construction of recreation rooms, bathrooms and kitchens and comes with plenty of recommendations. Most of the new work this company attracts comes from recommendations made by people that he has done work for, and that tells you one thing his work is superior.
Opening weekend will see the track open up on Friday for camping and pitting, with plans to run time trials and a gamblers race on Friday Evening, Saturday will see a full day of racing for Super Pro, Semi Pro, Jr. Dragsters and Street Cars starting at 10:30 AM, The super pro high roller will take place following the regular day of racing, and will then be followed by Busters Bar and Grill Cruise Night. Sunday will see a full day of racing for all four class's and will then be capped off with a back to the bar party at Busters Bar and Grill. We will have more exciting news about this weekend in the weeks ahead which will include more increased payouts which should make everyone pleased. We can also tell you that we will be once again be arranging for NHRA, SFI that weekend as well so if you want the sticker on your car this is the weekend to be there to get it done.  Again remember to support those that support Luskville Dragway and if your thinking about projects around your house give Malcolm Carpentry & Building Construction a call. You can check them out at www.malcolmcarpentry.com
There was a time Luskville Dragway could boast of one of the largest Jr. Dragster programs in Canada, but with the evolution of those Jr. Drivers to the big cars, our numbers soon dwindled. Back then, there was new Jr's. every year, not the case for the last 2-3 years, and we have fallen from a regular weekend program that featured over 22 Jr's. to now, where last years points membership was 8. Now there was a good side too this, as most of those Jr. Drivers from that era moved into big cars, people like The Ogilvie Girls, Ashley and Rachel, Jacob Wilson, Steve Clarmo and Ben VanNoppen. So with the announcement this week that Logan Gagne the son of Lewis Gagne and Lyndsey Teneyck, who are pretty much regulars at Luskville Dragway and the Napa Tours, had gotten a Jr. Dragster for Christmas.  The Jr. was a day early Christmas present for young Logan who to say was excited would be putting it mildly. Logan who has fast become well known around the track, and quickly part of the Luskville Dragway Family is sure to garner plenty of attention when he races in the Jr. Class. This nice young man loves drag racing and I personally feel that over time he will become a force to reckon with. Following in his fathers footsteps I firmly believe he will be a very aggressive young driver, trying to win every time he goes out. Does this kick start the next generation of Jrs. lets hope so for sure as 2018 could be the last year for at least one more of our regulars as Grace VanNoppen will try her hand part time in Semi Pro this up coming season, so the writing is on the wall for another Jr. to move to the big cars.
Lewis Gagne has in a very short period of time become a super pro drag racer that everyone considers a real threat, anytime you come up against him at the starting line. When Lewis starting racing super pro in a serious manner it was in his wild wheel standing blue altered, this car was a crowd pleaser to say the least. However, Lewis quickly came to the conclusion that if he was going to win against a field of high tech dragsters, then he was going to need a dragster. So he promptly went out and bought one, and well the rest of the summer showed he made the right decision. Lewis immediately starting going more and more rounds, until finally in Wawa, Ontario at the Napa Tour race it all came together and he won the $10,000. day. This was with out question the high light of the season for team "Screwy Louie" but don't think for a moment that it will be the last win either. Lewis who is a great Luskville Dragway supporter has thrown his hat into the ring for the Busters Bar & Grill Big Dog Shootout , at the Bracket Bonanza this coming August 2-3-4-5 and don't think for a moment that he is not a front runner to win it all. Lewis is part of the North Bay crowd that comes down about every second or third weekend, and this year many of them plan on running both the Napa Tour and the Canadian Bracket Super Tour. Last season saw Dan Sproule become the first driver from the North to win a title, but I firmly believe he will not be the last one to do so.