$10,000 to win Sat
2018 Bracket Bonanza



In case you didn't read, Grant Honeywell has sold his very popular 69 Chevy to a racer in BC who will compete with it at Mission Raceway in Mission BC, one of the coolest race tracks in North America. If you have never been there, it sits on the edge of the Fraser River and is one of the few tracks in the world that sits below sea level, which makes for just incredible air. Grant has not let anyone know what his plans are, but car and trailer where sold, lets hope its not the end for this long time drag racer, who comes from a family of drag racers (the late Garth Honeywell was a NHRA Stock Class racer).
*Even though the season is not over as we have pointed out before, we are hard at work on next season, and have already signed on a few new advertisers for 2018. We are also hard at work, working on next years schedule and the special shows we plan on having in the new season. We will have plenty to say about the Bracket Bonanza as we move forward, all good news things I might say.
*What a difference the weather makes, as the last two weekends have show, two of the largest cruise nights of 2017 have happened the last two weekends, including this past Saturday when at one point cars where line up half way down Lameroux Road waiting to get in, was nice to see. With only 3 more left lets hope we can end the season under the same conditions and end the season on a high note unlike what the weather has done to us most of the season. Was also nice to have Chris Tapp of Tapp Auto out with his Electric Car that easily dipped into the 9 second zone, this man is a genius.
*Once again we remind everyone that this coming weekend is points for Luskville Dragway Napa Series and the Napa Auto Parts Tour down the road at I-Car. This is also the awards night for the Canadian Bracket Super Tour, and the Angers have gone above and beyond to make this special, right down to bringing in a pizza truck to feed the racers. This two day event I believe will once again show the nay sayers that racers do want to run for big bucks, and I predict one of the largest turnout of Super Pro Cars for a event this year.
*Yes only three weekends left so we are pulling out all stops to go out on a high note, we have added the MF Chassis Works Out Law Street Cars to Oct 7th. and Now we are adding a All Out Street Car Shootout for Street cars of all walks of life. We are going to work very hard over the next few weeks to talk directly to everyone with street cars to see if we cant get one of the biggest turnout of street cars we can, Show us you want your drag strip to continue to grow. We are hoping to pair up a coach from the Super Pro and Semi Pro ranks to help anyone in the King of the street race that wants it. We have big plans for 2018 and we hope that everyone will come out and support what could be a very special end of season weekend.
Two series will come to a close this coming weekend, as the Napa Auto Parts Money Tour rolls into I-Car Dragway at Mirabel, just outside of Montreal. The Canadian Bracket Super Tour will also crown their champions on Saturday Night at a Party that the Angers Bros always make special. Saturday evening under the "Big Top" drivers in Jr. Dragster, Semi Pro, and Super Pro will be presented with their winnings, which includes the top 20 in both Super Pro and Semi Pro. This series has set all kinds of records for semi pro and Super Pro car counts and the belief is that this weekend will see the super pro class do just that. The Fall Nationals at Luskville Dragway saw 72 Semi Pro cars compete, and its my belief that we could reach that in Super Pro this weekend.
Fred Angers will be the second only Super Pro Champion on the CBST, as Kyle Jessup will give up the thrown to Fred in 2017. A lot of people don't know how hard it is to repeat in any sport and in particular Drag Racing where the competition if fierce. Semi Pro like Super Pro will also have a new second year Champion as Tricky Dicky Stanton will take that title back to Perth, Ontario for 2017, a title that Fred MacDonald was proud to wear in 2016. This event will be the stepping stone to next season and what we hope will be an even bigger, expanded and better series with even more racers. This is one of the best paying points funds ANYWHERE, and if you are a drag racer in our area and not running it, your missing the boat so to speak. Some announcements will be taking place this weekend, but all details will be spoken about in the off season.

With all the excitement last weekend one of the things that went unnoticed by many, was the fact that ONCE again the fastest cars at Luskville Dragway keep winning in the Super Pro Category. How can anyone complain when the only BLOWN dragster at the track and one of the fastest at the track runs as consistent as a grocery getter, and wins the finals at 11 pm at night running back to back to back consistent runs. And its not just Mike Ogilvie in his dragster, but Dwayne Shultz, Roch Beaudion, Derek Tapp and Darren Frasso all went rounds and in two cases the finals in very fast door cars. We know that for some the track will never be good enough, but too them I say look at what is happening and if your not winning maybe you should not be blaming the track. And with that being said we also know that there are area's we can make things better and we will, but it will be done in a orderly fashion, with timing being sure it can be paid for as we go. We have made a commitment to continue the improvements, again all we ask is for your support.

*The 2017 season is not over, but we are already working hard on 2018, including scheduling, booking, and next years improvements. We will be making some major changes to the Bracket Bonanza and we will keep you posted on them as we move forward, but one thing we are not changing is the BAND, as we have booked AMBUSH once again for 2018. Don't think there is any question what a great time we had with this incredible group of guys and we are very pleased that they are coming back. We are also looking at having a opening act for AMBUSH, that would play from 6 until 9, when the greatest party band of all time would take over and play to 1 am.

*The Bracket Bonanza is not the only thing we are working on, as we are hard at work lining up are loyal advertisers from past years as well as new ones for 2018. And things are looking good so far and I firmly believe we will be "Trucking" next year with our advertisers both old and new. The advertises are the back bone of our track, from our points programs to our special events, too the improvement's we continue to make every year, and will continue to do in 2018. We will begin our announcements in the months after the season is over, but all I can say is we are very fortunate race track when it comes to advertising support.
*Speaking of advertisers a big thank you too Randy and Carrie Urslak as they have put their support behind the last race of the year, Spooktacular" and will supply all the turkeys for this years event. Randy is of course already a MAJOR advertiser at the track and has been for almost 40 years now. This is the kind of support that we talk about that comes from those that are involved with Luskville Dragway, and is what we feel makes our tack a very different place than any other racing facility. The Spooktacular October Thanks giving weekend is a good deal for the drivers and their families and crew as everyone is treated to a Turkey Dinner on Saturday Night, and the kids Trick or Treat through out the pit area, and everyone is dressed up as we celebrate "Devils night Out".
Yep the season is almost over, and that feeling was in the air as we headed into our second last RACE weekend at Luskville Dragway (last one Oct 7-8). And don't forget that we also have the last Napa Auto Parts Show Me the Money Tour race at I-car which is also points for the Luskville Dragway Napa Series in Super Pro, Semi Pro and Jr's.
Saturday was day one and when you go from 70 super pro and 70 Semi Pro cars too 20 each you can imagine it is a whole different atmosphere for sure, this was going to be a laid back weekend. Now don't get me wrong the weather was not a perfect weekend, we where not with out rain, as Friday saw on and off showers making a clean up a on going thing so things would be good for Saturday. And the skies dawned clear and cool Saturday morning which is all one could ask for this time of year. A few had arrived Friday evening including Louis Gagne who missed the fall brackets, but said that will not happen next year as he takes a shot at the Super Tour Championship.
Saturday saw cars start to roll in mid morning and with noon rolling around time trials began, Jr. Dragsters was taken by Landyn Urslak over Brody B. who then hit the road for hockey try outs.  Semi Pro saw Rob Graveline take the win over a surprising runner up, Monica Shnobb. Monica does not get too come often but made work of this day out for sure. Super Pro saw two whiley old veterans in Terry Miron and Randy Bellefeuille with Mr. B taking the win and then going on to beat Rob Graveline in the Final run off for the king of the track Wally.
Sunday started off with the racers breakfast and the induction of the late Mike Doyle to the Luskville Dragway wall of fame "may we never forget. This was a very special moment for many and brought the odd watery eye as well, as Mike was a very liked guy. Racing got under way and things where hurried along as it was also a back to the bar party day as well. In the Jr. Class the winner on Sunday was Nate VanNoppen and his D&D Performance Jr. Dragster over Ryan Clarmo. The Semi Pro Class was won by points leader and the leader of the Pac in Semi Pro this season Rob Graveline over Dan Pillwien. Derek Malcolm continued his great 2017 season as he moved out of the Corvette Roadster that he drove to the Semi Finals on Saturday and into his dragster on Sunday, and went out and won the class. Derek met and defeated Ron Hendricks who took his Camaro to the finals, where Malcolm got the advantage right off the line and turned on the win light. The Racers Breakfast, The Back to the Bar, the HUGE turnout of street cars on Saturday and the Great weather made for a great fall weekend at Luskville Dragway. Now its three cruise nights in a row, and then the long weekend in October and SPOOKTACULAR.

Landyn Urslak continues to dominate
the Jr. Program at Luskville Dragway.

Randy Bellefeuille was not only the big
$1000. winner but he was also the king
of the track  winner as well this weekend

The Mustangs were a big part of this
Saturdays events, and here Steve
Burton is doing his best burnout

Nate VanNoppen took his Jr.
Dragster to the winners circle
on Sunday.

Robert  Cuillerier took his Nostalgia
Super Car Torino to the winners
circle at this years race.

Steve Ballantyne backed up his
last weeks big win, with a another
This is a weekend once a year that makes me feel like the old days, as the lanes where full of street cars and full tilt drag cars like it use to be in the old days. Now A days unlike back in the beginnings of Luskville Dragway race days tend to be just race cars, and the street guys and gals do their thing at different times, and cruise nights. But when the Mustangs, the Outlaw Cars, and the Classic Muscle cars are all on the property at the same time there is a full Napa Series Race Going on it very much reminiscent of days gone by. So to say it was a wild day would be putting it mildly as cars came out of the wood work as well as many, many garages, as Luskville Dragway was host to over 100 street cars during the day along with its regular super pro, semi pro and Jrs.
The finals race in the MF Chassis works Outlaw Street car shootout was dominated once again by Scott Hollywood and  his orange 68 Camaro. This series was a big hit, even though the car count was never big enough for the effort that Andrew put in it "are they ever" but that being said, Andrew Libby of MF committed to doing it again next year which was good news for all. The Classic Super Cars was won by Robert  Cuillerier of Gatineau and his 1969 Ford Torino which beat a cool looking very fast Firebird in the finals. Now add in about 35 Mustangs and well you get the idea it was a very big day for Luskville Dragway under great weather conditions for a change.
Ok another weekend in the books, in a season that has given us less than stellar weather, and nothing was much different this past weekend, as even though it started out good, by Sunday the rain had come. We had gone 10 or 12 days with out a drop of rain, and we needed that but we also needed to get a weekend in with out any precipitation and that did not happen.
Now we focus our attention to Sept 9-10 and two days of Napa Points Series racing, and a racers appreciation Breakfast Sunday Morning. We will also be adding Mike Doyle's Picture to the Wall of Fame "least we never forget" Joining Diamond Jim Crownhart. I would remind EVERYONE, that it is our  Back to the Bar end of season party at Busters Bar and Grill, this is always our biggest one and ALL payouts will take place there ,
Support those that Support Us.
*Some good signs even in a season that did not, Scott Wilson did not take long to buy another dragster as he let us know this week that he has purchased a unfinished 2003 Undercover car out of the Nashville USA area. Scott will have the car finished up locally and hope to be ready for the 2018 season. This is another good story fore the track, and along with the other new car announcements gives some good signals for the future.
*Yes the season is fast coming to an end and with that in mind we let everyone know that Banquet Tickets will be available as of this weekend at the track, and for the remaining of the racing season. The Banquet is always a good time and a great way to end the season on a high note.
*The D&D Performance Fall Bracket Finals had more than one nice surprise, and having Kevin Morrow and family come through the gates was at the top of that list. Kevin has had to suspend his drag racing career for a while do too health issues, that he had met and defeated, just like he has many a drag racing competitor over the years. I think everyone agrees with me when I say that having Kevin, Trish and family back at the track made the weekend a complete success, even if the weather man made a mess of the Sunday.
The NAPA AUTO Parts Money Tour is the longest running bracket series in Canada and its  longevity is only out done by its prestige and loyalty to those that follow it. So when it made its second stop for the 2017 season at its home base, Luskville Dragway none knew just how big it would be. With many teams arriving on Thursday it was quick too see we where in for a BIG weekend, now if the weather man could just cooperate, NOT.
Friday saw the track fill to overfull capacity, reminding everyone of the 2016 Bracket Bonanza, and time trials for the gamblers race got underway Friday afternoon right on schedule and under ideal racing conditions. As things rolled along and the cars kept on rolling in, I think it was clear to everyone we where on our way to a record setting weekend. The Semi Pro Gamblers which paid a 1000. to the winner saw Eric Monaghan of Quebec City take on Steve Ballantyne from Luskville Dragway with Eric taking home the money and the bragging rights for day one. Super Pro saw two Luskville Dragway regulars go at it for the $1500. first place prize money with Kyle Jessup taking the win over Russ Adams, for Russ the runner up was a good day after what has been less than a spectacular summer win wise.
OK you have heard the word "Marathon" used many times, well let me tell Saturday was a Marathon as a decision was made to go for two races on Saturday with forecast for Sunday calling for what else "rain". And so it began at 9 am with two time shots, another time shot was given between first race finishing and second race starting. When all was said and done, it was 11 pm and two races and two jet car shows where all done and in the books.
Race one saw Montreal Jr. racer Naomi Laflamme taking a big win with Ryan Clarmo playing second best, Race two saw North Bay's Julian Laporte doing the job over Ryan Clarmo who made his way back too the second final of the day. The Jrs. did a good job as they where told we wanted to get them done before dark and that we did.
Semi Pro was a hard fought battle amongst over 70 cars, Race #1 saw "Tricky Dicky" Stanton of Perth, Ontario taking home the money after he met and defeated Jason Laporte. The Second race saw Luskville's own Steven Ballantyne beating another North Bay Driver Ashley Muttart.
Super Pro was a field of 66 cars with dragsters and door cars running on separate sides of the ladder until the semi finals. Troy Davis was .000 in the finals of the first race beating Darren Frasso of Kingston, Ontario in a door car. The second race saw Mike Ogilvie once again hold up the dragsters bragging rights with a win over Dwayne Shultz in a Camaro. The second race saw the last two cars go down the track at 11 pm, making it 14 hours straight of NHRA Championship Drag Racing.

Naomi Laflamme was Jr. Winner
in Race #1

Dick Stanton has been racing at
Luskville for over 40 years

And Yes the Camaro is still the
most popular body style in drags.

With 40 dragsters on the property
colors where a wide variety

Steve Ballantyne showed he can
still punch out the tickets

Mike Ogilvie winners circle picture
shows how popular this driver is.
Heading into the final points weekend for the Canadian Bracket Super Tour Fred Angers had a commanding lead in the Super Pro Points Chase, but second and back where all very tight and where all with in striking distance of Mr. Fred. When Saturday rolled around second place driver Shawn Fournier was a no show with family commitments making it impossible for him to be present, this was obviously good news for drivers like Dale Gauthier, Derek Malcolm, Brandon Barker, Adam Bitzanis and others and a little more breathing room for Anger. Shawn's involvement in the series had put a International flavor to things and had also made for some interesting races, with the Vermont Native. The Super Pro drivers put on quite a show, and the points battles where all decided by the end of the day, and Fred Anger was the winner of 2017 Championship, with Dale Gauthier taking over 2nd. Darren Frasso moved up to third and Derek Malcolm dropped one spot to fourth.
Semi Pro was a whole different story heading into the weekend, as the Rookie sensation Ashley Muttart had only a narrow lead over many, as the top 4 drivers where only separated by 400 points which is two live rounds. So Ashley knew his work was cut out for him as the battles started out on Saturday morning at 9 am. The first race would see Montreal racer Claude Labelle take over 1st. place as Ashley went out early and Labelle went a few more rounds. But what know one counted on, was the quite veteran Dick Stanton who not only won the first race in style, but went enough rounds all weekend too pass many to take his first Championship ever. Stanton was followed by a hard charging Rob Graveline who was only 100 points behind and Claude Labelle who was only 200 points behind. There is not question that the points system we have in place make for some very tight points battles and that is also evident in the other series as well. Congrats to the winners, see you at I-Car in three weeks for the Party and awards.

The Semi Pro Class saw 70 entree's
do battle helping put down the
record 650 runs per land weekend.

Ashley Muttart had a up and down
weekend, leading the points going
in, but having to settle for

Rob Graveline is having a great
season and is wrapping some things
up early, 2nd in the Tour.
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